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Trojans escape justice — A vicious helmet-to-helmet targeting by Porter Gustin goes uncalled, allowing u$c to block a Field Goal and eke out a 39-36 win over WSU

Trojan Linebacker Porter Gustin is just coming off a suspension for spearing someone last week.  An hour later, he’s at it again, leading with his helmet, right into the helmet of the Washington State Quarterback, who was already being tackled.  TV caught it clearly.  The TV announcers declared that there was no doubt about it.  Everyone saw it, except all the referees.

No one called the blatant penalty, which should have seen Gustin kicked out of the game and suspended for the first half of the next game, again.  Instead of having a first down in the Red Zone, the Cougars had to settle for a potential game-tying Field Goal, which was blocked.

So the once highly-rated trojans ended up squeaking out a HOME victory over WSU by just 3 points, bringing unranked usc up to 2-2 on the year.  Their fans should not be pleased with this undeserved victory, as the trojans continue to underachieve.

Speaking of underachieving, the Bruins have this weekend off, and were only in the news because back-up QB Devon Modster has left the team.  After falling to third on the depth chart, Modster feels that transferring gives him a better chance to succeed.  I’m surprised, since he was only one hard hit (on DTR) away from getting another chance to run a Chip Kelly Offense that COULD have helped him show off his skills, without sitting out a year.

This move won’t be a problem for UCLA, since the Bruins have already conceded the season as a rebuilding year, and because they have another back-up that isn’t that far behind Modster in terms of ability to run this Offense.

Now let’s talk about OVER-achieving.  Here are 40+ more shots of the UCLA Spirit Squad, plus a few of the paratroopers skydiving into the Rose Bowl.

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