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Monitor THIS — Here is Part Two: 57 more photos of the USC Song Girls, Cheerleaders, and Dance Team, all in the hope that you will consider supporting the Swim with Mike charity

When you do a nice thing, are you doing it because you are a nice person and it’s just the right thing to do, or do you do it to ensure that you will get into Heaven?  Are you inherently good, or is it a kind of reciprocal altruism?  Are you just worried about the state of your karma?

Well, it really doesn’t matter WHY, as long as you actually do the good deed.  And the deed currently in question is supporting this worthy cause.  Swim With Mike is a non-profit organization that supplies college scholarships to young men and women athletes who meet with tragic accidents and become paralyzed or have amputations, but still want to compete, and excel.

These recipients display valor and courage worthy of your support.  There are many candidates hoping to be recipients in the coming year, and your gift can help.  Please enjoy these 57 photos from the fundraising event, come back for about 150 more coming here soon, and go to  and consider improving your karma by doing something that will truly make you feel good about yourself.

"CREDIT KARMA" was published on April 9th, 2018 and is listed in Non-Rivalry News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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