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Burning down the m-o-U-$-C — The high winds die down in time for UCLA fans to warm themselves by the bonfire, and other hot-ness, and yearn for a season-salvaging upset

Just because Bruin confidence is at a severe low right now doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a nice BeatSC Bonfire and Rally.  The usual overconfident rhetoric was at a definite minimum, but school spirit was still high.  Basically, we are still and always proud to be Bruins, because we don’t define ourselves solely by our gridiron results, like that other “SChool” does.

So it was lots of fun to get together with other alumni and thousands of current students, to watch the student dance troupes and a capella groups, to cheer for Bruin athletes, and to swoon in awe of the spectacular Spirit Squad, all as a prelude to a nice cozy fire.

Highlights included seeing the 2015 National Championship Trophy shown off by members of the UCLA Men’s Water Polo team, an appearance by Gymnastics Coach Valerie Kondos-Field, and a pep talk from former Bruin Football Stars Jonathan Franklin and Donovan Carter.  We also got to meet and cheer for 6 Bruin Olympians including gymnasts Kyla Ross, Madison Kocian, and (I think) Jordyn Wieber, plus Volleyball Coach John Speraw.  Members of the UCLA Marching Band were also in evidence, playing in the Football team as the Footballers descended the famous Janss Steps toward the stage.  Coach Mora said some nice things which showed his appreciation for the students’ support of the team, and also heaped tons of praise on Quarterback Mike Fafaul.  He admitted that the season had not gone the way they hoped, but insisted that his players have the hearts of champions. Of course, he noticeably avoided any predictions or promises about Saturday.

The real highlight of the evening, naturally, was the performance of the Spirit Squad.  Unfortunately, my photos tonight do NOT do them justice, for several reasons:  I am a rank amateur.  I never took a Photography class.  I don’t have a professional camera.  I don’t even have a D-SLR.  No removable lenses.  Just a point & shoot, and I can’t seem to adjust it properly to get good shots at night.  The flash takes 10 seconds to recycle.  It didn’t help that due to the small size of the stage, the Cheer Squad performs in FRONT of the stage, IN THE DARK, but it’s still mostly my fault.  So I apologize.  I still got lucky a few times, so there are some pics that are worthy of your gaze.  The cheer pic ABOVE (the headline shot) was a gift from above.  Once in a blue moon, they hold a pose for me.  Thank you Kelly and Chandler (for waiting seemingly FOREVER for my flash to recycle!) — that was one of the best shots of the whole year. 🙂

Speaking of thank you’s, I MUST say thank you to Megan, a lovely young Bruin Alumna who was instrumental in orchestrating this Bonfire/Rally event.  She is super-sharp, professional, and pleasantly personable, and if it weren’t for her help, I might not have gotten any of these photos for you.  So if you enjoy them, say to yourself, “Thanks, Megan!”

Here are 73 more shots from the bonfire, including Bruin athletes, singers, dancers, Coaches, and of course, the gorgeous and inspirational UCLA Cheerleaders.

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    Well done T-H! GO BRUINS! BEAT sc!

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