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Where there’s smok(in’ hot girls), there’s no fire — Out of respect for the victims of the recent wildfires, the annual Beat SC Bonfire was not lit, but the rally was “lit,” thanks mostly to the UCLA Spirit Squad

[NOTE:  In this post you will find 68 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad (mostly Dance Team).  See the PREVIOUS post for other Rally photos, including Chip Kelly and the Football Team, plus the Basketball and Gymnastics teams, as well as the student dance groups and the SAA group photos.]

Ok, ok, it’s an understandable gesture:  Don’t play with fire to celebrate a sports rivalry, when people nearby just lost their homes, and other people lost their lives, to that same element.  I get it, and I am not complaining.  But since there was no wind in evidence, and no danger, I would have lit the fire, and staged a tribute to the firefighters who would have been there supervising the event.  It would have elicited the biggest cheers of the night, and those guys certainly deserve it.  They fought through the night last Friday, holding the line so I didn’t have to evacuate myself.  The fireline was just a couple of blocks away.  I was packed and ready to go, but those heroes allowed me to avoid the ordeal of traumatizing my pets and moving out.

So, no fire at the 2018 Beat SC Bonfire.  Just a Rally.  But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t HOT, HOT, HOT.  The UCLA Dance Team was on fire!  From my vantage point (right in front of the stage), I never saw anyone from the Cheer Squad, so I apologize to them and to you for not getting/sharing any photos of them.  That should be remedied on Saturday, so you can get your Cheer Squad “fix” here on Sunday… win or lose.

Meanwhile, here are 67 more photos of the Dance Team (and some Yell Crew!) to get you excited about the upcoming game.

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