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Bruins fans have less “patients” than Mel Gibson Dream Gynecologist’s clinic in Tel Aviv

Where’s the fire?  Why is everyone so up in arms about the duration of the search for the new UCLA Football Coach?

 UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero is taking a lot of heat for his handling of the search, and we don’t understand why.  Guerrero has included several candidates who are worthy of consideration, even with the Bowl games just barely underway.  If you want someone who is currently the Coach of a Bowl team, which is a logical thing to want, then it might make sense that Guerrero’s search is still ongoing.

Some people are angry that bigger names aren’t involved.  Well, if  they ignore that someone enticing may still be wrapped up in an upcoming Bowl, they should still be aware of the financial limitations.  The Nation’s hottest prospects wouldn’t come to UCLA, when they can make two or three times more elsewhere, in a place with a much lower cost of living, and less stringent academic requirements.

So based on those parameters, we have no issue with Guerrero’s efforts at this point.  We haven’t heard of an imminent mass exodus of recruits, so if it takes a few more weeks, what’s the big deal?  Wouldn’t you rather have a better Coach in February than the best available at the moment?  And that’s not a shot at Walker or Neuheisel.  Unlike many, many other “fans,” we would not be angry with Guerrero if he “settled” for either of those two.  Because… it doesn’t SEEM like there is a glut of better candidates who might still be out there but have just not been located yet.  And if we are wrong, wouldn’t it take MORE TIME to identify these guys?

So please — RELAX, and let Guerrero do his job, to the best of his UCLA-imposed limitations.  Then, voice your disapproval if applicable, and THEN… SUPPORT the guy for a while, until he proves you right beyond repair.

Trojan roadkill?  What a waste of an ambulance.


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  1. RoyRoy Avatar

    We want Erickson, Bellotti AND Carroll.

    An immodest proposal by the search firm that Dan Guerrero should’ve hired.