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Wake News – Yesterday, in wake of the news that made me feel like I was AT a wake, I “introduced” only the two new members of the UCLA Dance Team.  Today I bring you the six new girls on the Cheer Squad

I tend to react over-emotionally to pain and heartache.  Obviously, I am overly passionate, and not all that stable.  Well, I’m happy to report that the student for whom I was feeling sympathy yesterday is MUCH stronger than I am.  She has taken the day in stride, harbors no resentment, and will live on with the same joy for life that she has always shown.  This is just more proof that the UCLA Spirit Squad recruits and attracts high quality human beings who have solid character, and who are much more mature than I ever was or will ever be.

The Cheer Squad had added six new members this week, and I will point them out to you in some of the 75 Cheer Squad photos below.  Based on the interviews I saw, the new additions also possess grace, humility, and that down-to-earth quality that indicates a maturity beyond their years.  And if they are just HALF as sweet as the recently departed squad members, we will be in good shape for another stellar year.  The captions below identify the new girls who made the squad.


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