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Appealing, not appalling — While across town at u$c something appalling comes out every day, let’s stick to appealing UCLA Cheer pics to celebrate the Holiday Weekend

This website has two goals:  1) To illuminate the heinous, corrupt culture that the University of Southern California breeds and thrives on, and 2) To celebrate the superiority of UCLA, including the beauty and grace of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  However, when the trojans are perpetrating such repugnant behavior, I cringe at the thought of accompanying an article about it with photos of the Bruins.

Right now, u$c is embroiled in a SCandal that is so reprehensible, I cannot merge my two goals in one article.  With u$c COVERING UP the sexual abuse of 385 innocent coeds, there is no way to share my Cheerleader Try-out pics in an article like that.  So with the President of u$c finally exiled (see the separate articles below), I can finally dedicate a post to the Bruin girls who deserve the recognition.

So please enjoy these 35 photos from the UCLA Cheer Squad Auditions.  I hope they help you savor your 3-day weekend, which already got off to a good start, when the UCLA Softball team beat Arizona to clinch a berth in the Women’s College World Series.

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