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U.S.C = University of Sexual Culprits… OR… University of Scrotum Crushers?

Either way, u$c has been recruiting and cultivating reprehensible thugs for decades, and this week provides proof of that assertion.  Three of their current Football players are in trouble for sexual assaults, and virtually nothing is being done about it.  The trojan machine is virtually condoning this behavior, which allegedly includes Rape, Forcible Sodomy, Exploitation by Telecom (broadcasting the Rape online to the victim’s ex-boyfriend) and violently trying to castrate an Alabama player by stomping on his penis with a cleat.  The two suspected Rapists — Osa Masina and Don Hill — were not allowed to play against Alabama, but are not thrown out of school, and are not even kicked off the Football team.  In fact, they aren’t even being punished right now, as they are being allowed to attend all team functions, and even practice with the team.

Meanwhile, the ball (sack) deflator — Jabari Ruffin, not Tom Brady — has to sit out only the first half of the upcoming game against Utah State.  Talk about a slap on the wrist!  The least they could have done is slap him in the testicles.  Even Brady got a FOUR-game suspension!  Ruffin is SCUM, and he should have been kicked off the team for the whole season.  If sc won’t do it, the NCAA should.  If a Bruin did that, I would not want him on the team ever again, and it would be impossible to root for him… unless he does it to Jabari Ruffin, Don Hill, or Osa Masina, who all allegedly deserve it.

Anyway, it is clear that u$c is sending a message to its players and to the whole Country:  If you want to Rape women, and turn men into eunuchs — and get away with it — come to Southern Cal.  You won’t be outcast or branded as a criminal — Instead you will gain street cred and become a rich part of trOJan Lore.

"“ALLEGED” RAPISTS AND “CONVICTED” CROTCH-STOMPER BARELY DISCIPLINED BY U$C" was published on September 7th, 2016 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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