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  • 64 BITS… O’ HONEY

    More “hunny” than Winnie the Pooh could handle — With “Christopher Robin” in theaters making Pooh fans teary-eyed with joy, I give you the sweetness of the last 64 UCLA Spirit Squad photos from last Fall’s Cal game Did you grow up reading Winnie the Pooh or having it read to you when you were […]


    Will you still need me, will you still feed me? — The Hit Parade continues and the Beat goes on, with 64 more photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad Nothing pressing going on in the UCLA Sports World, so not much to talk about today. u$c did add Bernard Schirmer, a Juco transfer, to their […]


    On a hot roll — As the heat wave continues, the waves of UCLA Spirit Squad photos keep on coming, with 63 more today Triple-digits in the Valley, not that much better in Westwood — The Bruins don’t have to practice in San Bernardino to feel the heat.  They are sweating away right here in […]


    Everything is (August) Awesome — Welcome to the month of August, which I will fill with about 600 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad, as we converge on the new season Let’s take a break from news, fake news, collusion, porno payouts, taped conversations, and indictments.  Let’s not even focus on the now THREE HUNDRED […]

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