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    Ute is wasted by the young — #11 Utah comes into to Pauley overconfident (after having beaten UCLA by 32 three weeks ago), and gets out-played, out-hustled, out-muscled, and outscored 69-59 by the youthful Bruins, who came in 0-4 against Ranked teams, having lost those by about 20 a game UCLA is a different team […]


    UN-UNBROKEN — Bruins smack down the clowns for the 4th straight time in Basketball 83-66; Add that to the 3 straight beatings in Football, and that’s SEVEN straight UCLA torchings of u$c in the two biggest college sports Rivalry?  What Rivalry?  With UCLA’s latest annihilation of the u$c Clown College on Wednesday in South Central, […]


    Yet another selfish trojan football player puts public lives in danger, as u$c Linebacker Don Hill gets busted for a DUI Considering u$c’s  ever-growing list of criminals that is longer than a chimpanzee’s arm, you have to wonder:  Do they RECRUIT all these idiots and a-holes, or do they just train them up to be […]


    Take a guac on the wild side — UCLA dominates early to lead at the Half 31-6, but have to recover a last-minute onside kick — twice — in order to stave off a valiant Kansas State comeback attempt and take the Alamo Bowl 40-35 Texas may be the Lone Star State, but when the […]


    Lowest Lane — Just like the 405 North near UCLA, when Lane Kiffin is coaching in a big game, you can assume that a Lane will be shut down, and that’s what happened in the Sugar Bowl, as Kiffin’s confused Offense chokes in the end, allowing Ohio State to upset Alabama and advance to the […]

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