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    The All-Access Reception is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation — The Spirit Squad WINS, as lots of funds are raised, the crowd WINS, as they are served up a performance by the gorgeous Bruin Cheerleaders (as well as delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine), and yours truly WINS, by collecting two prize drawings and a Silent Auction fantasy treat That seals it:  […]


    On THIS SATURDAY, you can come support (and meet) the beautiful bellas of the UCLA Spirit Squad (and the guys, coaches, and mascots too) at the ALL-ACCESS RECEPTION, where you can help make the (much-needed and appreciated) funds MUSHROOM At UCLA on this Saturday, May 19th from 3:30pm until 6:30pm, the Bruin Spirit Squad’s Annual All-Access […]


    The Main Course from the Bruins’ Spring Scrimmage was served up to you on Sunday, but there’s always room for dessert when you’re talking about the piping hot UCLA Spirit Squad Today was a good day for Bruins Ryan Hollins (of the Celtics) and Jrue Holiday (of the 76er’s) both of whom helped their teams to close-out […]


    UCLA’s Cinco de Mayo Scrimmage proves that the Bruins are ready to FLY, with an air attack that will soar to the GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Regardless of who the starting Quarterback will be for UCLA this season, the Bruins are going to throw the ball, MUCHO.  When Spring Practice began, it looked like the emphasis was on swing […]


    Do you believe in Squad?  — Today we give praise to the UCLA CHEER SQUAD, the often-overlooked and sometimes under-rated sect of Bruin Cheerleaders who routinely put Spirit in the Sky The UCLA Dance Team gets a lot of publicity and recognition for being World Class, so it’s easy to forget about the equally-impressive Cheer Squad, […]

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