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Deja boo — Last time we saw “13-9” it was 2006, and the Bruins were shocking u$c, knocking the trojans out of the National Championship game;  This time it’s the total members of the UCLA Dance Team being slashed by 4

Perhaps a 13-member Dance Team was just too unwieldly or too expensive, but more likely the judges just felt like there were only 9 auditioners who stood out to such a degree that they were elite enough for inclusion on the World’s Best Dance Team.  So the 2017-18 UCLA Dance Team will have only 9 members (all female), down from last year’s record high of 13.

7 of 9 (which is the name of Jeri Ryan’s BORG character on Star Trek Voyager) are returnees:  Katy, Kaitlynn, Kendenn, Christine, Daphne, Emily, and Louisa;  The two newcomers are Jordan and Ashlee. [I will do a breakdown like this for the Cheer Squad next time I wake up — Probably in about 20 hours if I’m lucky]

Below are 82 more photos of people trying out for the Dance Team.  Jordan is wearing #43, and Ashlee is wearing #44.  In the near future, I will post more photos of both the Dance Team and Cheer Squad.  I took over 1150 photos at the auditions.  Unfortunately, it’s not very well-lit in the Student Activity Center, so I had to use my flash.  It takes 10 seconds for the flash to recharge, so that severely limits how many photos I can take, and it prohibits me from timing things right to get the best shots.  Not only that, but the flash caused horrible “red eye” effects, basically ruining about 600 photos!!.  I can try to use photo-editing software to take out the red, but the shots will not do justice to the beautiful eyes of the girls.  Nonetheless, I will have SOME more pics coming up tomorrow or a little later in the week.

Anyway, here are the best 82.  Sorry if they are grainy and blurry.  The photos this Fall at Rose Bowl Day games will be better, I promise.  🙂


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Comments on "13-to-9": 5 Comments

  1. JP wrote,

    Welcome to the team, Jordan and Ashlee.

    (Ashlee reminds me of Hall of Famer Elise)

    Kendenn and Daphne are future Hall of Famers.

  2. JP wrote,

    By the way, TH, I just realized they’re gonna have completely new uniforms next year.

    I hope under armour will have their own iteration of the iconic jumpsuits. They look so awesome representing UCLA in that uniform. It’s what sets them apart from everyone else.

  3. UCLADal wrote,

    13-9 was a good day indeed. Good one T-H.

  4. Frank wrote,

    As near as I can figure:

    Cheer squad: 2 graduations, 1 quit, 6 new, 3 old members not returning for reasons I don’t know.
    Dance Squad: 4 graduations, 2 new, 2 old members not returning for reasons I don’t know.

    Also, I was wrong about the cheer squad member I thought you were referring to. She is in fact still on the squad.

    [T-H’s Note: You are correct that there are 6 new members of Cheer (plus 4 returning) and 2 new members of Dance (plus 7 returning).]

  5. Bob wrote,

    Cheerleader Nury had told me she was taking this year off as a junior while she spends part of the year studying abroad and hopes to return to the squad as a senior.

    [T-H’s Note: Thanks for that excellent info! It will be great if she comes back!]

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