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Master Debaters –  The Presidential candidates argued last night over some of the qualities needed to run the Country, and a couple of those traits are also essential to the success of a UCLA Cheerleader

I try not to get too political on this website.  I think the majority of my readers are liberal-leaning, but I know that I have at least SOME readers from the other side of the aisle (I’m talking to YOU, Rob C.), and I don’t want to offend or alienate any of my Bruin brethren.  So I will just make a couple of quick observations, without trying to peddle any influence over your voting decision.

First of all, I WILL urge you to do one thing, and that is, TO VOTE.  Please take part in the process.  The more educated people who vote, the better the result will be.  And, if you participate, you will feel better about yourself, and more vested in the Country’s success.  Everyone should vote, unless you are completely ignorant to all of the issues of the day.

Secondly — A lot of people are fixating on fact-checking.  I understand that one of the candidates tends to phrase things that appear to Continue Reading »



Clay Pigeon or Lame Duck? — With National Championship-winning Coach Les Miles suddenly available after being fired by LSU, u$c’s 1-and-3 Coach Clay Helton’s hot seat must be burning his ass;  Some Bruin fans may actually be rooting for the trojans to win a few games so Clay stays and Miles stays miles away.  As for me, I want them to lose every game, fire Helton, then get turned down by Miles and every other elite candidate, so that they have to hire someone even worse than Helton

   Les Miles screwed up a game on Saturday.  His faulty time management against SEC rival Auburn caused LSU’s game-winning, last-second Touchdown play to be nullified, because the ball was actually snapped after the clock had expired.  So after LSU had already been celebrating the miracle victory, the Refs overturned the TD and ended the game, awarding the victory to Auburn.

LSU didn’t waste any time dealing with this disgrace.  Yesterday, they fired the Head Coach and the Offensive Coordinator, despite both of them being ultra-elite talents in their respective positions.  Les Miles won a BCS Championship in 2007, and now he’s unemployed.  But that won’t last for long.  Practically every school that doesn’t end the season with a prestigious Bowl or Playoff win, and absolutely every school with a vacancy, would love to hand the reins to Miles.  I would even welcome him to UCLA, if I thought he could deal with the academic requirements that we have, which would be completely foreign to him.

But the problem is that u$c is probably drooling over the possibility of bringing him to South Central.  Such a splashy hire would Continue Reading »



Root of all Tree-vil — Despite getting outplayed and out-toughed all game long, #7 Stanford digs deep to rally in the last two minutes for a game-winning touchdown drive; The Cardinal added another TD after a Sack of Rosen on UCLA’s final desperation play, making the final score a very misleading 22-13, and extending the Trees’ winning streak over the Bruins to 9 (but the “gap” has been closed)

UCLA is “soft” no more.  The tough-as-nails Stanford Cardinal came to the Rose Bowl with super-stud Christian McCaffrey, and the Bruins actually out-physicalled them for 57 minutes.  McCaffrey was held relatively in check all night, and Stanford was unable to get into the end zone for the first 59 and a half minutes of the game.  In the trenches, UCLA battled the Cardinal evenly, actually getting their first Sack against Stanford in the last four games against them.  They also got an Interception by Linebacker Kenny Young, and Tahaan Goodman separated two different Tree Receivers from balls that they caught, the second one resulting in a fumble that UCLA recovered.  The announcers thought that the hit was targeting, but the Referees looked at the replay and ruled that it was legal.  With that said, it was the Bruins who were physically intimidating in this game, proving that the transformation Head Coach Jim Mora was going for has taken root.

You may say that nothing matters but the final score.  Well, that’s true, but this game proved that UCLA can play with a Top Ten team, and will no longer be pushed around.  This is the same Stanford team that just dominated u$c two weeks ago, but against UCLA, they needed a miracle finish to survive.

UCLA took a 7-3 lead in the 1st Quarter on a pass from Josh Rosen to Nate Iese, and kept the lead for the next Continue Reading »



Cardinal demagorgon – Stanford has been a monster for UCLA, but anything can happen in this realm, and the Bruins need to turn it into the Upside Down

Many Bruin fans fear the worst today.  But never WAFFLE — Always hold out hope because you never know when a big surprise is coming.  Here are 50 more UCLA Cheerleader photos (the last batch from the UNLV game) to inspire Continue Reading »



Finding Adoree — U$c blows a 14-point Second Half lead, as Utah scores with 16 seconds left on a TD pass that beats former Heisman candidate Adoree Jackson, who loses a shoe and blows the coverage;  The trojans are now 1-and-3, after this 31-27 heartbreaking, backbreaking and hilarious loss

Until tonight, u$c had won 84 straight games when they had a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter.  Not since the iconic Texas Rose Bowl Comeback that beat Reggie “Lateral” Bush, Pete Carroll, and all the other disgraced cheaters has troy blown a last quarter double-digit lead.  But it happened tonight, on National Television, on a night when this was the only game on, so sports fans around the Country were watching.

The trojans were down 7-0 after a 1st Quarter Utah TD early, but only for 10 seconds, as the trojans’ best player Adoree Jackson returned the ensuing Kickoff for a Touchdown.  Why Utah would kick the ball to him is a mystery, and it was a mistake that was not duplicated for the remainder of the night.  Utah then got a Field Goal to go up 10-7, thanks in part to three trojan lost fumbles.  But sc reeled off 17 straight points, so it was 24-10 in the third.  It was looking bleak for Utah, because once sc stopped fumbling, their Offense was Continue Reading »



With Utah struggling against u$c, despite recovering THREE trojan fumbles, here are some UCLA Cheerleader photos to keep your spirits up

It’s not over yet, but I’d say it doesn’t look great… so here’s something great-looking to take your mind off of it, Continue Reading »



Once a SCumbag… — Pete Carroll gets busted by the NFL for cheating, AGAIN, as the Seahawks will lose a draft pick, a week of practice, and pay a $400,000 fine, and Carroll himself will have to cough up another $200,000 personally, after he tried to gain a competitive advantage while risking the health of his players, for the THIRD TIME

Not a good week for Pete Carroll.  On Sunday, the former RINGMASTER of the u$c Clown College led his Seattle Seahawks team to a huge UPSET LOSS, to the worst team in the NFL, the Los Angeles Rams, in the trojans’ home stadium.  During the game, Carroll made a fool of himself, throwing a tantrum over a penalty call, and running into his own player while protesting.  Then on Monday, Carroll got busted for cheating, and fined $200,000 out of his own pocket, as well as getting the team fined $400,000 and losing a draft pick and a week of practice.

This whole cheating thing is nothing new for Carroll.  While he was the Head Coach at u$c, his blatant cheating was well-documented.  The steroid abuse was rampant, players admitted to getting paid to play, and the NCAA sanctioned the trojans for lack of institutional control (and for showing no remorse after getting caught).  Carroll’s mantra at sc was “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”  They bent and broke every rule, and thrived on the thug culture that they built, by refusing to discipline any of their criminal players.

When the NCAA was about to level the trojans with punishments, Carroll quickly bailed to Seattle.  But that was definitely NOT the end of his cheating legacy.  Since Carroll has been in Seattle, Continue Reading »





Great Again –Bruins cross the borders into Utah and torture BYU 17-14, as their surprisingly stifling Defense led by Jayon Brown and Adarius Pickett comes up yuuuge and trumps Hill and the Cougars’ Offense in a landslide

September Surprise:  The Bruins have a Defense.  With many key components back from injury, and with a solid scheme, the UCLA Defense contained BYU’s Offense for most of the night, and earned a 17-14 victory for the Bruins.  Despite missing standout Defensive Back Randall Goforth for an unspecified reason, Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley’s unit finally clicked, after two subpar performances this season.  Goforth may have been missing, but it was “next man up,” as Adarius Pickett stepped into the starting role, and made a huge impact.

Early in the game, Pickett delivered a jarring hit that broke up a pass play on a crucial 3rd and 8, and later, he snatched an Interception.  He tallied 5 Tackles for the night, and was part of a Defensive Secondary that never got beat deep, and blanketed the Cougar Receivers all night.  Linebacker Kenny Young had 7 Tackles and a Sack, and Jayon Brown led the team with NINE Tackles and a Sack.  Brown was all over the field, making play after play, reminding Bruin fans of his stellar predecessors Myles Jack, Eric Kendricks, and Anthony Barr.  The Bruins had 4 Sacks, after having just 1 total Sack after the first two games.  Why were the Bruins finally able to pressure the Quarterback?  It was probably due to having the healthy starting Defenive Ends back in the line-up, but it may have also been a different strategy employed.  There was definitely a focus on the pass rush, as BYU QB Taysom Hill was hurried and getting hit all night.  Not only that, but the Bruins CONTAINED him in the pocket, not allowing the usually-mobile QB to do any damage scrambling.  Hill amassed a total of NEGATIVE-SEVEN yards Rushing.  Never before in his long college career has he ever been held to less than zero yards.  Quite an accomplishment for a team that has always been vulnerable to a (dual-threat) Quarterback who can hurt you with his legs.

With the Bruins controlling the line of scrimmage, BYU was able to gain only TWENTY-THREE yards (net) Rushing!  That’s a miracle, considering how porous the Bruins were in the first two games.  Also, Continue Reading »


T.J. = To Jail? — Former trojan Defensive Back T.J. McDonald, who was arrested in May for crashing into a parked car, was formally charged yesterday, for driving under the influence of drugs, and faces up to 6 months of incarceration

McDonald, Clown College… If you’re wondering why I didn’t incorporate that “name irony” into this headline, it’s because I already did, back in May when T.J. McDonald was initially arrested.  But today, the Los Angeles Ram D-Back (dbag?) is back in the news, because he was unable to weasel out of charges for his intoxicated driving accident.

The NFL Machine couldn’t keep this incident under wraps, as it is now National news.  But despite the pending legal action, the NFL has not taken any disciplinary action against McDonald, and neither have the Rams, or the Rams’ ex-trojan Head Coach Jeff Fisher, so expect to see T.J. on the field as the Rams get their asses kicked by Pete Carrol’s Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

So just in the last few months, the u$c Blotter of Stupidity includes TEN entries: Continue Reading »


Highway to the Danger Zone — Trojan Linebacker Osa Masina was arrested yesterday on THREE FELONY charges:  One count of RAPE, and two counts of FORCIBLE SODOMY;  He now faces life imprisonment, where he may just develop some serious empathy for his alleged victim

[WARNING – WARNING – WARNING:  This article contains graphic, disgusting details of Rape and Sodomy.]

It took a couple of weeks, but the Rape Investigation of u$c Football player Osa Masina has finally resulted in charges, and his arrest.  Utah Police booked him yesterday, officially accusing him of Raping a girl in Salt Lake City.  Apparently, Masina plied her with alcohol, weed, and Xanax, which knocked her out, and when she awoke, face down, he was on top of her, penetrating her, anally.  She passed out again, and this time when she regained consciousness, he was thrusting his erect member into her mouth.  The 19-year old victim claims that this forced fellatio was so violent, that she couldn’t breathe, and that it damaged porcelain crowns on her back teeth.  I apologize for this graphic and repulsive account, but Rape is very serious crime, and Rapists deserve to have their crimes recounted in nauseating detail, so that no one forgets it, or denies it (like the Holocaust) in the future.  What we DON’T want is a repeat of the despicably-lenient three month jail term that the Stanford Rapist recently completed.

Bail has been set at $250,000, because Masina is considered a flight risk, and because authorities feel that the Rape in Utah may not be an isolated incident.  They are concerned for the safety of people who may come in contact with Masina.  There is another investigation taking place in Los Angeles, where supposedly he Raped the same victim on a different occasion.  This L.A. incident is alleged to have taken place in the apartment of Masina’s trojan teammate Don Hill, who is suspected of being Continue Reading »


Eric Kendricks is no Ken doll


“Killing it” begins with “K” — Bruin star Eric Kendricks is named NFC Defensive Player of the Week after his 77-yard Interception Return Touchdown leads the Vikings to victory;  Meanwhile two new “K” additions to the Dance Team gives them 6 Killer K’s (7 if you count the new Assistant Coach, and you know I do)

Eric Kendricks was an All-American Linebacker at UCLA.  He was one of the best Bruin Linebackers in the last 30 years, and even won the prestigious Butkus Award, honoring the NATION’S BEST Linebacker.  But some people felt his prowess in the college game would not translate well to the Pro’s.  He might not be big and strong enough to be effective at the next level.  Well, Kendricks is now in his second year with the Minnesota Vikings, and he has already shut up all the doubters.

On Sunday, as the Vikings were battling the Tennessee Titans, Kendricks had 6 Tackles, 1 Tackle for Loss, and athletically snagged a pass from former Oregon Duck Heisman-winning Quarterback Marcus Mariota, and ran it back 77 yards for a Touchdown.  The Vikes Defense later returned a fumble for a TD, as the D scored more than the O in the 25-16 victory.  Fellow Bruin Linebacker Anthony Barr is Kendricks’ Viking  teammate, and he also made a key play to assure that Minnesota started the season with a win, despite losing their starting Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater two weeks ago to a season-ending injury.  Even their superstar Running Back Adrian Peterson did nothing on Sunday, but with a Defense featuring Kendricks and Barr, the team doesn’t need a superstar RB or QB to be competitive.

Speaking of Running Backs who did nothing, the Reggie Bush Era in Buffalo got off to an inauspicious start.  The disgraced ex-trojan carried the ball 3 times, for a grand total of NEGATIVE FOUR YARDS.  The Bills have another trojan:  Wide Receiver Robert Woods — another ex-trojan who has severely underachieved in the Pro’s.  Woods caught 4 passes, for a whopping total of 20 yards.  To be fair, Continue Reading »



Splitting 10’s — Dealing a second set of picture cards today because I inexcusably underrepresented several of our brand new Cheerleaders yesterday after the Las Vegas game.  Hit me!  They deserve better treatment than that, so sit back, relax and enjoy, as I comp you some luxury suites

Lamborghinis, caviar; Dry martinis, Shangri-La!  It’s Sin City, and I sinned badly last night by not featuring ALL the new UCLA Cheerleaders.  I am fixing that right now.  Below are 50 more photos from Saturday, including Louisa, Kaitlyn, and Daphne from the Dance Team and Donyea from the Cheer Squad, none of whom got any close-ups in yesterday’s collection.  My fault.  What happened at (the) VEGAS (game) doesn’t stay there. Continue Reading »

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