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Fool’s Gold? — UCLA’s Defense (still missing its 3 best players) holds Utah’s Offense to ZERO Touchdowns — IN Utah — and Bruin “replacement player” Jayon Brown recovers a fumble with 1:09 to go to preserve a 17-9 victory, but the Utes’ Offense was missing ITS two best players, so keep things in perspective as the Rivalry game approaches

No matter what, it is a solid accomplishment to beat Utah in Utah.  They were ranked #13 in the Country, and have a decided home-filed advantage in the altitude of Salt Lake City.  Not only that, but UCLA has a less-than-stellar record in the recent past in that state.  So the last thing I want to do is DIMINISH today’s hard-fought 17-9 victory over the Utes.  I just don’t want Bruin fans (or players) to be cocky or overly-confident going into the biggest game of the year.  This was NOT the same Utah team that was Nationally ranked.  Utah was missing their All-American-caliber Running Back Devontae Booker, who this season has accounted for 40% of his team’s Offensive production.  Booker had surgery this week, and did not suit up on Saturday.  On top of that, early in the game, the Utes lost their #1 Wide Receiver Britain Covey to an injury.

In defense of the Bruin Defense, they too are playing with several players who were back-ups two months ago.  And considering that fact, the UCLA D still deserves huge props for their performance today.  Even though they gave up about 200 yards rushing, they didn’t give up ONE SINGLE PLAY OF OVER 20 YARDS!!  That is a helluva accomplishment, against ANY college Offense.  The Bruins were hurt by the running and scrambling of Utah Quarterback Travis Wilson, who managed to get crucial first downs and move the chains.  But when the Utes reached the Red Zone, the Bruin D shut them down every time.

UCLA started the game with a fantastic Continue Reading »


Sigh-less — Yet ANOTHER ex-trojan gets busted for cheating, as Redskin Running Back Silas Redd receives a 4-game suspension for SUBSTANCE ABUSE

The beat goes on, and on, and on.  Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the word “trojan” and the word “cheater” are synonymous.  For the umpteenth time, a trojan player gets disgraced, for breaking the rules, to try to gain a competitive edge.  Redd was a rookie last season, but got only 16 carries ALL SEASON!   Apparently frustrated with his inability to get his ass off the bench in Washington, he probably injected that ass with steroids, or took some other performance-enhancing drug.  And of course, because he got his so-called education from the Clown College on Figueroa, Continue Reading »



Dallas Clownboy — Matt Cassel is just one of three ex-trojan QB’s to drop the ball… into their opponents’ hands on Sunday;  Two of them cost their teams the game, while the other one was bailed out, against an ex-trojan Coach, who was just one of three ex-trojan Coaches to go down in defeat

The Dallas Cowboys had a bright outlook at the beginning of this season.  Then star Receiver Dez Bryant went down with an injury, followed by an injury to Quarterback Tony Romo.  Romo was replaced by Brandon Weeden,  When that happened, the ‘Boys brought in ex-trojan Matt Cassel just in case.  Cassel never actually played for u$c — He just carried a clipboard for years.  Now Dallas fans wish he never played for the Cowboys either.

After Weeden was ineffective, Cassel was named the Starter.  Then Cassel proceeded to lose ALL FOUR games that he started.  Sunday was his last hurrah, as Romo is due back this week, and what a (black) swan song it was.  Against the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who sport one of the most porous Defenses in the League, Cassel and the Cowboys could muster only 2 Field Goals.  The Dallas Defense kept them in the game, as Buc QB Jameis “Crablegs” Winston couldn’t get anything going.  But late in the 4th quarter, Winston bootlegged into the end zone to give Tampa a 10-6 lead.  Cassel had time to bring the Cowboys back, and he did manage to get them in position to win.  But with 18 seconds left, he lofted a pass in Bryant’s direction, and it was Intercepted in the end zone.  Game over.  And the Dallas fans couldn’t be happier to see Romo return to the line-up this week.

If you think Cassel was “The Biggest (trojan) Loser” this week, you may be right, but it may also be a tie with good old Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez, who Continue Reading »

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SacreBlue –UCLA loses in Overtime to lowly Monmouth in Basketball, then loses in the last 3 seconds to underdog Washington State in Football, while u$c Football barely escapes Colorado with a win after trailing by 11 in the second half; Ordinarily I would call this triple-whammy a “tragedy,” but not this weekend

This is a good moment to realize that Sports don’t matter.  Compared to what happened in Paris on Friday, nothing that happened to UCLA this weekend even registers on the importance meter.  Now THAT BEING SAID…

It was the weekend from Hell for Bruin fans.  On Friday night, the UCLA Basketball team made their season debut, and choked away a 13-point second half lead against 14-point underdog Monmouth.  The Bruins allowed the Hawks to make SIXTEEN Steals on their way to a stunning upset, as UCLA also choked away a 5-point lead IN Overtime.  Three different Bruins missed shots that could have saved the game in crunch time, including Bryce Alford, who hit consecutive Threes to give UCLA a chance, but then forced a heavily-guarded AIRBALL.  Then Alex Olesinski and Aaron Holiday missed wide open shots that could have averted the upset.  The only saving grace for the team is that they were missing starting Power Forward Gyorgy Goldman due to an injury, and were also missing Forward Jonah Bolden, due to a 1-game suspension.  So maybe, just maybe, the Bruins aren’t as bad as they looked on Friday.

Friday night saw another result that caused discomfort for UCLA fans.  Colorado had a 17-6 lead against the trojans before u$c woke up and scored 21 straight.  But the Buffs didn’t quit.  They cut the deficit to 3, and had the ball at the end with a good chance to tie or win.  But they were down to a back-up QB, who overthrew an open Receiver on the last gasp that could have knocked off Southern Cal.  To make matters worse, Utah lost on Saturday to Arizona, so now sc controls their own destiny in the Pac-12.  But… so does UCLA, even after Saturday’s depressing loss.

Despite a great game by Josh Rosen (33/57 for 340 yards plus a 37-yard TD run), the Bruins could not hold on against WSU.  Even a career night from Continue Reading »



Painting by numbers — Rosen-to-Duarte draws 116 yards and 2 TD’s, 3 different Bruin Running Backs etch TD’s, and the Bruin Defense creates 4 Turnovers and gives up 0 points to help sculpt UCLA’s looting of Oregon State 41-0

On Saturday afternoon in Corvallis, under a barrage of constant showers, the Bruins were Golden. On Offense, Defense, and Special Teams, UCLA thoroughly outplayed Oregon State, to triumph easily, 41-0. After a slow start that led to a scoreless first quarter, the Bruins exploded for 24 points in the second quarter. That landslide of points included two Touchdown passes from Josh Rosen to Thomas Duarte, who finished with 6 receptions for 116 yards. Despite the rain and the wet ball, Rosen was sharp for most of the afternoon, going 22-for-33 for 333 yards. The Bruins were also able to RUN on the Beavers, as Paul Perkins gained 89 yards and Soso Jamabo gained 90. Each of them also ran for a TD, as did Nate Starks.

In the third quarter, the Bruins added 17 more to the 24-0 lead. With a 41-point lead, the Bruins took out most of the starters, and cruised to a victory, not scoring at all in the fourth quarter.

The Offense was stellar for that middle 30 minutes, and the Special Teams also contributed, with Kickoff Touchbacks, solid Punting, two made Field Goals, and a nice Kickoff Return to start the second half. But it was the injury-depleted DEFENSE that was the real story of the game. Snagging 4 Turnovers allowed the Offense to Continue Reading »



Feeling Blue? — For Halloween, the UCLA Dance Team donned blue hair (NOT a reference to the legendary senior citizen season ticket holders in Pauley Pavilion who never stand up and cheer) to root on the Blue and Gold

Five years ago for Halloween, the UCLA Cheer Squad girls dressed up as Disney Princesses.  This year, the Dance Team princesses joined the fun, by wearing bright blue wigs to show their Bruin and Holiday spirit.  I thought it looked great, but their REAL hair is so strikingly beautiful, I hate for it to be hidden.  But this was a special occasion, so it’s okay.

Also getting in the Halloween spirit was this year’s Cheer Squad, who wore masks during the second half of the game.  It was cute, and I’m glad they did something, even if it did obscure their gorgeous faces a little bit.  I believe that since Continue Reading »



Mark it zero — Ex-trojan Lucas Duda’s wild throw home in the 9th frame costs the Mets the World Series, as the Royals tie it up on Duda’s non-strike, and go on to win Game 5 in 12 innings 7-2, bowling over New York into the gutter 4-1, to become World Champs

Never before has the old adage been any more true:  Trojans burst under pressure.

Tonight, with their backs to the wall,  the New York Mets were ONE OUT away from staving off elimination, when ex-trojan Lucas Duda screwed up and allowed Kansas City to rise from the ashes, in Game 5 of the 2015 World Series.  In the top of the ninth, NY was in the field, up 2-1 with 1 out and a Royal on third base, when the batter hit a grounder to third.  The 3rd Baseman checked the runner, then threw to Duda at first base for the second out.  But the runner, somehow psychically KNOWING that the trojan would FAIL epic-ly, took off for home on the throw to first.  So Duda threw to home for a play at the plate that would have ended the game and sent the Series back to Kansas City with the Mets down only 3-2.  Duda had plenty of time to nail the runner, whom he had dead-to-rights, but his throw was wildly inaccurate, allowing the runner to score easily, tying it up 2-2.

The Royals went on to add 5 runs in the 12th inning, to win 7-2 and start popping champagne bottles all over the Mets’ home stadium.  Duda had two chances to redeem himself after pulling his Continue Reading »




Picks Elated – A first half Pick 6 by Ishmael Adams and a game-clinching Interception by Nate Meadors  picks up the Bruins (and their fans) from the depths of near-catastrophe (and depressed silence), and lifts them to an improbable 35-31 Pick-tory (and wild celebration cheering), over lowly Colorado

Despite being decimated by injuries, and being exhausted from defending against 113 prior Offensive plays, UCLA’s Defense came up with the huge, game-saving play to avert the disaster of losing to (now 1-4 in Conference) Colorado.  It was unknown Cornerback Nate Meadors who stepped in front of a Buffalo pass with 51 seconds left to end the threat and allow UCLA to escape with a 35-31 triumph.

The Bruins came in as a 21-point favorite, but were a little flat at the start.  About halfway through the 1st quarter, Josh Rosen passed to Paul Perkins on a play that looked like it was going nowhere, but Perkins magically escaped a crowd and found the end zone.  The Bruins were quiet after that on Offense, and in the second quarter the Buffs were driving to tie the score.  But Ishmael Adams came up with a nifty Interception on the Bruins’ 4-yard line, and returned it 96 yards for the Pick 6.

Down 14-0, Colorado kept pounding away, moving the chains repeatedly Continue Reading »



Duck-Aid of the Decade — Thanks to a controversial call, Oregon knocks off ASU in Triple Overtime, lifting UCLA back into a position where the Bruins control their own destiny in terms of winning the Pac-12 Championship

Quacked up!

Well, that didn’t take long.  Just a couple of weeks after the Bruins absorbed their second straight loss — which at the time looked almost insurmountable — the Bruins are back in the driver’s seat in the Pac-12 South.  “All” they have to do is win out, and they will be Division Champs, and Conference Champs if they win the Pac-12 Title game.

Of course the Bruins will be underdogs in two of these remaining games, and huge underdogs if they earn a rematch with Stanford, the team they would likely face in a Championship game.  So no one is really anticipating that UCLA will run the table, but it must improve team morale, knowing that they don’t have to watch the scoreboard any more.  The Bruins no longer need any help from other teams — They just have to help themselves.

All the help they previously needed was supplied by the unlikely couple of trojans and Ducks.  Sc beat Utah last week, and Oregon went into Tempe last night and squeaked by the Sun Devils, 61-55, in 3 Overtimes.  The game-winning TD came on a pass deep into the end zone, to a Duck who was flying toward the end line, and it appeared that the receiver’s toe Continue Reading »



Daft Kings and Fan Drool — I love Fantasy Football and hope it stays legal, but WHAT the “F” are the two big companies thinking, by (allegedly) rigging things, WHO the “F” is claiming that it isn’t really “gambling,” and WHY the “F” did they discuss it at the Republican Presidential Debate??

I like gambling.  I was raised at Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, and Del Mar.  Betting on Racing and Sports is fun, and it makes even lopsided match-ups thrilling.  What I DON’T like (besides losing) is listening to people whine about how they barely lost but should have won.  No one wants to hear your sob story about what coulda been, or how you were robbed by the Refs, or by that one dropped pass in the end zone.  What’s almost as bad is all the people who return from Vegas with the same glory story of how  they cleaned up at the Blackjack tables.  If I had a dime for every friend who told me how they won big at the casinos and sportsbooks, I’d be richer than Steve Wynn… but then, Steve Wynn would be broke, and the Las Vegas Strip would just be a deserted road in the desert.

And since no one wants to listen to false tales of grandeur OR sour grapes, no one wants to hear about your (or my) Fantasy Football trials and tribulations either.  So despite the fact that I live and die by my success or failure in my Fantasy Football League, which is a private League that has been going on for decades, consisting of 12 guys — 11 who I don’t like and want very badly to beat — I RARELY lament or rejoice about it here — Only twice in ten years, iirc.  But tonight, the subject of Fantasy Football has been brought to the National forefront, because the Republican Presidential hopefuls were specifically asked about it at the debate.

First of all, Continue Reading »



Can’t let the season go to Pot — UCLA is installed as a 21-point favorite over 4-4 Colorado, who will be fired up, because, to be blunt, their pipe dream is to bogart the ball, and burn the Bruins in UCLA’s own joint (on the Rose Bowl grass), and only a dope would think that a Buffalo victory wouldn’t be their season’s high point

Trying to avoid a dreaded October surprise, UCLA faces lowly Colorado this Saturday at the Rose Bowl.  The Buffaloes come in as a three-touchdown underdog, even after beating Oregon State last week.  The Bruins are alive in the Pac-12 South, thanks to u$c knocking off Utah last week, needing to run the table and have ASU pick up one more loss.  But will “being alive” be enough to avoid a letdown?  Colorado is so bad, that no one is even talking about this as a “trap game” for UCLA, because everyone is already just assuming a win.  And THAT is what makes a game a trap game.

UCLA, despite all their injuries and two bad losses, will undoubtedly come in overconfident, if not complacent.  It is hard to get motivated to play a team that you are expected to beat by 21.  But that’s where Jim Mora comes in.  It is his job to keep the Bruins focused.  With a Quarterback like Josh Rosen, Continue Reading »

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