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UCLA’s Eric Kendricks wins the Dick Butkus Award as the NATION’S Best Linebacker, despite Pac-12 Head Coaches failing to name him to the All-Conference 1st Team

Sometimes, you have to leave home to get a little respect.  Last week, the Pac-12 announced their All-Conference 1st and 2nd Teams, and Honorable Mentions.  This list is voted on by the 12 Pac-12 Head Coaches, and apparently, some of these Coaches are either not paying attention, or are holding grudges, or are simply clueless.  The first tip-off to this sad state of affairs was when the League’s LEADING RUSHER, Bruin Paul Perkins, was left off the 1st and 2nd Teams, notching only an Honorable Mention.  Believe it or not, no less than FOUR Running Backs with less yards gained than Perkins were voted in above him.  The second tip-off was Eric Kendricks being relegated to the 2nd Team, with THREE other Linebackers being selected ahead of him.

Could it be that there is a little conspiracy by the 11 Coaches not named Mora, to try to keep surging UCLA out of the limelight?  UCLA has risen up the charts over the last three years more than any other school, as Jim Mora has steadily been placing the Bruins on the map, and positioning them for a run at Elite status.  It therefore makes sense that all the other Coaches would be in FEAR, and that they would do whatever they can to keep UCLA from getting more accolades, and more Press, as this increased exposure would only fuel Mora’s stellar recruiting freight train.

Some evidence for this theory can be found in the Polling results.  Washington Coach Chris Peterson, who insulted UCLA when they tried to offer him a job, saying he had no interest in “that place,” voted UCLA #21 in the last poll, which is SIX spots below their actual ranking.  The All-Conference voting individual ballots weren’t released, but Continue Reading »



OH SHHHHH– With the excitement of UCLA’s Football season gone, it’s time to become Westwood Insiders, and shift your loyal excitement to the Basketball Bruins, who left Fullerton’s Titans unfulfilled on Wednesday night, 73-45

With UCLA Basketball in a rebuilding year, having lost 5 key players to the Pro’s, it’s hard to get too excited about the prospects for this season.  It got even harder, when the Bruins lost last week to unranked Oklahoma, and then got schooled by the school where players don’t have to attend school North Carolina (who now has 2 losses).  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t root your heart out for OUR boys.

UCLA has shown some flashes of talent, while cleaning the clocks of the cupcakes and creampuffs on their schedule like Cal State Fullerton.  The Bruins cruised against CSUF, going up by 17 at halftime, and using a 13-0 second-half spurt to win going away.  UCLA is playing a fun and entertaining brand of basketball.  They run the floor, they emphasize transition, they shoot the ball quickly, and they maintain a great pace for 40 minutes.  Most importantly, they SHARE the ball.  This fact is demonstrated by their balanced scoring, as the starting five often ALL score in double-figures.

Bruin fans also have the privilege of watching one of the Country’s best Freshmen, in Kevon Looney, who so far leads the whole Nation in Rebounding.  Looney has a knack for knowing where the missed shots will go, and with his impressive wingspan, he seems to get twice as many as anyone else on the floor for either team.  The rest of his game is also solid, and getting better.

But not since DePaul in the 70’s has FIVE GUYS been enough to win at this level.  Unfortunately, due to some unforseen circumstances, the Bruins lost two players before the season, leaving them with Continue Reading »



From entitled to un-titled — Bruins take early 7-0 and 10-7 leads, then give up a stunning 24 straight points to a dominating 5-loss Stanford team to lose 31-10 — their seventh straight loss to the Cardinal — costing UCLA the Pac-12 South Division Title and killing their Playoff dreams

Curses, spoiled again.  For the seventh straight time for UCLA and fourth for Jim Mora, the Bruins have gotten beat by Stanford.  In the past, it was because Stanford had a better team on paper and on the field.  This time, the 9-2 Bruins were 6-point favorites at home over the 6-5 Cardinal.  And the Bruins were playing for the Division Title, while Stanford was playing for nothing.  It was Senior Day for UCLA, so all the Seniors on the team — plus Brett Hundley — were all fired up, playing their last home game of their college careers.  And UCLA came out on fire, forcing a Stanford 3-and-out, then driving down the field for a TD (on a Hundley-to Thomas Duarte 15-yard pass) to draw first blood and a 7-0 lead.  But that would be UCLA’s only TD all day, as Stanford outscored UCLA 31-3 the rest of the day, dominating every facet of the game.

Even without their star Wide Receiver/Kick Returner Ty Montgomery, the Cardinal moved up and down the field at will.  QB Kevin Hogan was 16-19 passing for 234 yards, completing his first 12 passes.  He burned UCLA’s best, as Myles Jack and Anthony Jefferson could not stop Hogan’s TD passes.  The game was really won in the trenches, as Stanford totally controlled both lines.  UCLA could not pressure Hogan, but Hundley could not find any running room, and had many of his passes rushed. Hundley was unusually off-target, and had no effective scrambles, as Stanford’s stellar D completely neutralized him.

The Bruins WERE able to run on Stanford, as the Pac-12’s leading rusher Paul Perkins gained 116 yards on the ground.  But he couldn’t get to the end zone, and with the Cardinal controlling the clock for the last 35 minutes of the game, Perkins’ running was not nearly enough for the Bruins to compete.

Stanford scored on a long pass right before halftime to make it 21-10, then scored again in the 3rd quarter to increase the margin to 18.  Stanford’s Defense is 7th in the Nation, and nearly impossible to mount a comeback against, especially with Hundley having an off-day.  So STUNford shocked the Bruins, playing spoiler, and sending ARIZONA (who beat ASU) to the Title game, as Continue Reading »



Fiddlin’ around while Troy burns — Bruins continue to celebrate their third straight victory over Southern Cal, while trojan fans go into full meltdown mode, calling for their Coach’s head

There really is no shame getting your ass handed to you by the #8 team in the Country… unless your school’s entire existence and WORTH is totally reliant on winning Football games.  Of course usc is such a school, so trojans all over the City — a City now clearly RUN BY UCLA — are going ballistic, and doing one of two things:  Making excuses or demanding that heads should roll.

Some die-hard ketchup and mustard fans are blaming scholarship reductions for the spanking they took on Saturday night at the hands of the Bruins.  This is ridiculous on two fronts:  Firstly, sc brought the sanctions on themselves with their infamous arrogance and institutional above-the-law attitude; And secondly, the sc STARTERS were getting killed against UCLA, and the game was completely DECIDED way before stamina or team depth could have possibly become a factor.

Equally ridiculous are the trojan fans in the other faction, calling for the firing of Steve “El Siete” Sarkisian.  Sark may or may not turn out to be a successful Coach, but it is too early to decide.  He didn’t do anything in his FIRST YEAR at usc to deserve getting the ax.  Why don’t these people take a cue from the other faction, and cut Sark some slack for having his hands tied by the scholarship reductions?  Give him a chance to Continue Reading »





The Three-ry of Everything — Brett Hundley throws THREE Touchdown passes to beat sc for the THIRD time in a row, making Jim Mora THREE-and-0 against Southern Cal Clown College and their THREE different trojan Head Coaches in THREE years

THREE OWN THIS TOWN!  It’s a TRI-UMPH!  In the Crosstown Rivalry, we have a TRI-NASTY!!

On Saturday night at the Rose Bowl, UCLA kicked the crap out of Figueroa Tech for the third time in a row, to take control of the Pac-12 South, and tighten their stranglehold on the Los Angeles City Championship.  After spotting sc an early 7-0 lead on a gimme Pick-6, the Bruins came back quickly on two Brett Hundley TD passes to go up 14-7.  They capitalized on a Nelson Agholor muffed Punt to get the first one, with a 10-yard TD pass to Devin Lucien, then when they got the ball back, Hundley hit Thomas Duarte over the middle for a 57-yard catch and run TD.

The Bruin Defense was stellar all night, making FORMER Heisman hopeful Cody Kessler look pathetic.  They pressured him all night, into missed targets, 1 Interception (an acrobatic pick by Eric Kendricks on a tipped ball), and SIX SACKS.  The UCLA D also stopped sc on a 4th and 2 on the Bruin 5-yard line to end the 1st quarter.  But sc came back in the second quarter and tied the score at 14.  UCLA didn’t get discouraged.  They marched down the field for a tie-breaking Field Goal by Ka’imi Fairborn, then Kendricks’ INT allowed the Bruins to dnrive for another score — this time, a 13-yard pass to Eldridge Massington, right before the Half ended.

The Bruins got the ball to start the 2nd Half, and immediately expanded the 24-14 lead.  Paul Perkins scored on a 10-yard run, then Hundley scored on a 15-yard run, making it 38-14, behind 24 STRAIGHT BRUIN POINTS.  The game was basically over at this point, with 9 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter.  Trojan fans started streaming for the Rose Bowl exits with 12 minutes to go in the 4th, still down by 24.  Thousands of Bruin fans waved goodbye as all the red drained out of the stadium.  It was pure joy in Pasadena.

After a Continue Reading »




The gloom is off the rows — Selfish-bastard protesters block the bonfire, potentially creating gloom for hundreds of rows of Bruins, but Mora won’t hear of it — He makes the no-fire announcement with flair, forbidding fans from booing, saying we don’t need a f*cking fire, and having his players dance to entertain the crowd more than any fire ever could

Leave it to Jim Mora to take a bunch of lemons and make Lemon Meringue Pie.  A small group of a-holes — oops, I mean “protesters” — tried to ruin a long-standing and cherished UCLA tradition, and they almost succeeded.  I refuse to mention here what their cause was, because they don’t deserve the publicity.  Let’s just say they are trying to help students, but their idiotic plan did nothing but HURT students — THOUSANDS of students.

The annual BeatSC Bonfire is a STUDENT-organized and executed event, FOR thousands of students and former students who still support UCLA.  And these idiots tried to disrupt the enjoyment of these students and alumni.  Morons.  Why don’t they take their battle to the people they are fighting AGAINST, instead of pissing off the very people they are trying to help?  Even if I was FOR their cause, there is NOW no way I would ever try to help their efforts.  F*ck them, and the trojan-horse they rode in on,  for what they did last night.

Because they would not vacate the immediate area around the intended bonfire site, the Fire Marshall deemed the area unsafe for a fire, and the UCLA Student Alumni Association was not allowed to ignite the flames.  Security was told they couldn’t forcibly remove them, because the protesters were non-violent and had a 1st Amendment right to protest.  Ridiculous.  They couldn’t “express their views” from the other side of the quad?  I can’t begin to tell you how mad Continue Reading »


yeahbaby 574f--nch

It’s BeatSC week, the Bruins are up to #9 in the Playoff Rankings and are favored by 3 over the #19 trojans, so u$c re-instates Josh Shaw (the lying fraud “hero” who said he saved a child from drowning to cover up his fleeing from Police), apparently reneging on their promise to investigate the incident first

U$C has no integrity or class.  This proclamation should not come as news to you, but if you were looking for more evidence to prove it, here you go.

On Monday, Police announced that they are not pursuing charges against trojan Josh Shaw for Domestic Violence, due to a lack of evidence.  They know that he was in a heated argument with his girlfriend, and they know that he bolted to EVADE them, by jumping off a second-story balcony and injuring both ankles.  But they don’t know if he actually battered his girlfriend or not, so once again, another trojan suspected of violence against women gets off the hook.  Maybe the u$c Legal Machine had something to do with this, because the timing couldn’t be better:  SC has rivals UCLA and Notre Dame next up on the schedule and could really use another Defensive Back to shore up their piss-poor Pass Defense.

But the Police failing to indict Shaw SHOULD not have been the only hurdle to Shaw’s re-instatement.  In fact, u$c said that once the Police make their decision, then u$c would conduct ITS OWN internal investigation of the entire incident (when Shaw lied right to his Coach’s face, and to the trojan staff, insisting that he  hurt his ankles while trying to save his 7-year old nephew from drowning in a swimming pool.  He even coerced his sister into lying to the authorities, to corroborate his lies).  But less than 24 hours after the Police made their announcement, sc reinstated Shaw and said he would play this Saturday.

What happened to sc’s promised investigation??  Did they do it in less than 24 hours?  Yeah, right.  Obviously, Pat Haden told the investigation committee to Continue Reading »


Destiny’s Wild — Thanks to the Beavers upsetting the Sun Devils on Saturday night, the Bruins are back in control of their own destiny:  If UCLA can BeatSC and Stanford, they automatically win the South Division and earn a berth in the Pac-12 Championship Game against Oregon

Not many people thought it would happen this fast, but after Utah lost 2 games and Arizona State lost last night, UCLA is back in the driver’s seat for Pac-12 South supremacy… and that’s not all:  It looks like if the Bruins knock off the trojans and the Cardinal — with both games being at Home in the Rose Bowl — they would get to face Oregon, who will probably be #1 in the Country.  A victory over #1 could easily vault the Bruins into a Top 4 Ranking, and therefore, the Bruins could qualify for the first-ever NCAA College Football Playoff.

After the Bruins lost consecutive Home games against Utah and Oregon, it seemed like their Playoff Dreams were completely dead.  But with all the upsets that followed, and with the Bruins winning 4 in a row since then, the sky is once again the limit for the Blue and Gold.  To be in this position, UCLA needed help:  They needed ASU to lose a game against either Oregon State, Washington State, or Arizona.  Only Arizona was expected to have a chance, because  the lowly Beavers and Cougars could only beat the Devils if Hell Froze Over.  Well, Corvallis may not be Hell, but on Saturday night, it was A Cold Day in Corvallis, and ASU couldn’t handle it.  The frigid Devils scored only 3 points in the second half, as Continue Reading »



All that glitters is blue and gold — The Bruins get a Whole Lotta Love from the College Football Playoff Committee, and Ramble On up to be Plant-ed at #11 in the Rankings, a 7-rung jump that is the biggest in the Nation.  Dazed and Confused trojans remain missing from the whole Page

In a week where oft-maligned UCLA Placekicker Ka’imi Fairbairn won the Pac-12 Special Teams Player of the Week Award, despite not kicking a game-winning or 50+ yard Field Goal, and despite a Husky returning one of Fairbairn’s Kickoffs 100 yards for a Touchdown, you can expect the unexpected.  And that unexpected expectation was delivered on Tuesday, when the College Football Playoff Committee declared UCLA the 11th best team in the Country, raising them 7 spots from #18 a week ago.

This rise is due to the strength of the Pac-12.  UCLA has now won 4 games in a row in the Conference.  They had another 4-game winning streak earlier in the year, and it included a blowout win over Arizona State.  That win has become a signature win, since ASU has only lost that once, and just killed Notre Dame.  ASU is #6 now, and Oregon, who delivered UCLA’s only loss that wasn’t up for grabs at the final gun, is now #2.

It is still a surprise that UCLA is #11, despite having 2 losses.  Only 1 of these last 4 wins has been over a highly-ranked team, and 2 of them were nail-biters against unranked teams.  But the last 2 were convincing wins over decent teams, so perhaps the committee thinks that UCLA is finally gelling, just at the right time, ranking them over 9 other 2-loss teams (including Michigan State, Notre Dame, Georgia, & Wisconsin) , 2 1-loss teams (Nebraska & Duke), not to mention, way over Marshall, who is undefeated, but still unranked.

The 11 spot means that UCLA still has a shot at the Playoffs.  It would take a minor miracle, but if UCLA Continue Reading »



Return of the Kings of the Road?  It’s Force of Hobbit — The Bruins’ Unexpected Journey has them Baggin their 9th straight Road Victory (6-0 this season), 44-30 over the Huskies, behind 4 TD’s from Brett Hundley and 1 spectacular TD run by Myles Jack, as UCLA explodes out to a 25-point lead and hangs on for a Precious 14-point win, which should vault them up from a Middle Earth-like #18 ranking, since many above them suffer losses, dragon them down.

Could the Bruins be peaking at just the right time?

UCLA cleaned up their act on Saturday, cutting down dramatically on penalties, eliminating Turnovers, and playing solidly if not superbly on Offense AND Defense, manhandling Washington 44-30 to go 8-2 for the season.  The usually penalty-prone Bruins went flag-less in the first half as they built a 31-10 lead.  They picked up only 3 penalties in the second half, and 1 of those was intentional (delay of game before a punt, purposely burning clock), as a suddenly efficient squad sustained drives and repeatedly stopped the Huskies’ Offense on 3rd downs to get the ball back.

QB Brett Hundley was focused and on target, throwing for over 300 yards including TD’s to Kenneth Walker III for 57 yards and to Mossi Johnson for 15.  Hundley also RAN for 2 scores, as UW’s young Defense couldn’t stop anything.  The Bruins gained 174 Rushing, including 98 by Paul Perkins, and 38 by Myles Jack, 28 of those on an eye-popping TD run that included a powerful straight-arm, a devastating spin move, and a tightrope act along the sideline to stay inbounds.

Hundley’s two favorite pass patterns were also effective — bubble screens to Wide Receivers Continue Reading »

FROM 22 TO 18


Jump 4 Joy — UCLA bumps up from #22 to #18 in the College Football Playoff Poll after the victory over former #12 Arizona, and the 4-spot ascension is the second-biggest in the Nation

The Bruins’ hopes for a historic season are not completely off the table yet.  With a 17-7 victory over #12 Arizona Saturday, 7-2 UCLA was elevated 4 positions in the only poll that matters, up to #18.  The 4-rung rise is second only to the 5 places that now-#9 Arizona State rose.  Of course, UCLA obliterated ASU earlier this year, so if ASU loses to #10 Notre Dame this week, they may plummet all the way below UCLA.  And if UCLA can handle the Huskies up in Washington this week (the Bruins are favored by about 5 points, give or take a half-a-point), they will almost certainly bump up again, seeing as #17 Utah plays at #4 Oregon, and #16 LSU plays Alabama.  So that’s at least #15 for UCLA, if they leapfrog ASU, LSU, and Utah (who barely beat UCLA, but would have 3 losses if they lose in Eugene as the 9-point underdogs are expected to).

The only problem is that for the last thirty years or so, every time the Bruins are on a roll and start to climb the ladder, they stumble down a chute.  Coach Mora will have to keep the players hungry and humble — despite their current three-game winning streak — if they are to prevail in Seattle this Saturday.

Speaking of humble (NOT) —

Despite U$C’s big victory on Saturday over WSU in Pullman, the trojans are still absent from the poll.  Your reaction may be:  “Of course, because they have 3 losses already.”  But that logic would be flawed, considering that 6-3 West Virginia is in the Poll at #23.  I guess u$c’s body of work just doesn’t justify Continue Reading »




Bruins don’t need a bag o’ tricks to beat these not-so-wonderful-wonderful ‘Cats — UCLA shuts out Arizona for 57 minutes after gifting them 7 early points (on 3 penalties for 35 yards and two drive-extending 1st Downs);  The Bruin Offense puts up two 3rd Quarter TD’s, and then a blocked Field Goal ices it, as UCLA claims a 17-7 victory

 #12 Arizona did not look like a #12 team on Saturday, as the usually high-powered Wildcat Offense was impotent for the whole night.  Did they just have an inexplicable off-night, or was the Bruin Defense that dominant?  Of course, whenever you ask a question like this, the answer is always “a little bit of both.”  The highly-touted Arizona QB Anu Solomon played like the Freshman he is, missing wide open Receiver all night.  However, that may have been caused by the Defense, who controlled the line of scrimmage and continuously pressured Solomon.

Solomon was nifty and elusive, often avoiding tacklers who broke into the backfield, and then scrambling for big chunks of yards.  But he couldn’t keep drives going, as the D-Line stopped the Running Backs and the D-Backs maintained tight coverage most of the time.  The most surprising thing about this Defensive effort is that it was NOT led by the two stars Eric Kendricks and Myles Jack.  Kendrick had only 4 Tackles, and Jack only 1.  This was not a memorable night for Continue Reading »

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