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One thing that will never fade away is the beauty of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  There are 10 new girls joining the squad this season:  2 on the Dance Team, 4 on the Cheer Squad, and 4 on the Yell Crew.  They look fantastic on the UCLA Spirit website.  I will get my first chance to photograph and share them with you on Saturday.  So to hold you until then, here are my last 40 fit-for-print shots of last year’s squad… Continue Reading »


Attack Big Mac — Disgraced trojan Mark McGwire is the first Batting Coach since 1923 to have his team get NO-HIT TWICE IN 9 DAYS

It’s not like he doesn’t have any talented players to coach!  In fact, ex-trojan and current Dodger Hitting Coach Mark McGwire could be arrested for misappropriation of funds, after Coaching his first-place Dodgers into their second time getting No Hit in 9 days.  Los Angeles lost to the Cubs 2-0, as Jake Arrieta throws his first career No-Hitter.  It was the first time since 1971 that any team has been no-hit twice in a month.

Is this McKarma?  Too bad the Dodgers hired an ADMITTED cheater and liar, who owes all his fame and fortune to steroid abuse and cheating.  Why would you expect a guy like that to be able to coach players to hit well, without juicing?  Everything Big Mac knows is based on injections.  No Beef.

Every Dodger fan I know wants to get rid of Manager Don Mattingly.  Fine, as long as he takes McGwire with him.

And speaking of bad hires involving ex-trojans, Seattle Seahawks rookie Frank Clark is being accused of ATTACKING San Diego Quarterback Philip Rivers after a Sack this week.  Other Chargers had to physically remove Clark from the pile, who defended himself by claiming to be an emotional player.  Perhaps Clark should have never been signed, based on the Domestic Violence charges he was facing, when Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll added him to his roster.  Of course, disgraced ex-trojan Coach Carroll, who is now infamous for throwing away the last Super Bowl, has a long history of consorting with criminals, at u$c where they claimed to own the police, and in Seattle, where they lead the league in steroid abuse and rule violations.  So I’m sure it was a no-brainer when they asked him whether it was okay to sign this dubious citizen/loose cannon Clark.  Come to think of it, everything Carroll does is a no-brainer, by definition.  Just ask the neglected Marshawn Lynch.


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Not posin’ — If you were dozin’ or maybe frozen, you may not know that Rosen got chosen… to be UCLA’s Starting Quarterback

The suspense is over… for those people who never saw practice this season.  For the rest of us, it was only a matter of time before True Freshman Josh Rosen was selected to be the Starter.  This is not at all a shot at Jerry Neuheisel, who is a capable and affable young man, who has a bright future, probably as a Coach or Broadcaster.  Jerry may very well get a chance to perform as UCLA’s Quarterback at times this season, as it is pretty rare for a Bruin QB to play every down without getting nicked up.  And even is Rosen proves impervious to injury, the Bruins will probably amass some big leads, allowing Neuheisel to garner some playing time.  Either way, after watching Jerry win the Texas game last year, and watching him develop further in practice this year, the Bruins will still have a formidable Offense with JN at the helm.  But to most observers, Rosen’s talent, potential, and upside are too grand to ignore or put on hold.

So it is finally official:  Jim Mora and staff agree Continue Reading »


Clown College Football Head Steve Sarkisian gets smashed at a u$c booster rally and humiliates himself and the “university” with slurred speech, profanity, and drunken proclamations about how the other Pac-12 schools suck — Will it be his embarrassing off-field antics, his team’s on-field underachievement, or his inability to come close to beating UCLA that gets him fired?

The FACE of u$c Football just got shit-faced.  In public.  On videotape.  Now that’s what I call “leadership.”  If you are going to recruit and mentor a bunch of over-rated, academically-challenged, arrogant losers, you might as well lead by example.  I’m sure all his players find him more relatable, after his headline-grabbing, intoxicated performance at the “Salute to Troy” rally last night.

The trojan Head Football Coach showed the Country that he has no class (just like his stars’ scholastic plan), no self-control, and no filter, when he staggered up to the podium and proceeded to trash other schools, and drop f-bombs in front of trojan fans, alumni, and their families.

Sark has since apologized for his unacceptable behavior, and just like all the other clowns before him, Continue Reading »


Matt Leinart Flag Football League cheated Orange County cities out of over $80,000, by falsely pretending to be a non-profit charity

Is this what they mean by “Trojan for Life?”  A DECADE after leaving u$c, former trojan Quarterback Matt Leinart is still at it, breaking rules and cheating, in the most heinous way — Pretending to be a charity, when really a FOR-PROFIT corporation.

The Matt Leinart Flag Football League is an LLC (a business corporation), NOT a NON-profit charity, but that didn’t stop them from CHEATING the cities of Costa Mesa and Irvine, by fraudulently pretending to be a charity.  Now that the illegal scheme has been exposed, the organization, which is run by Matt Leinart’s brother, has to pay upwards of $80,000 in restitution.

The Leinart League bilked all that money out of the cities’ parks, which gave the Leagues the “Charity Rate” for renting the fields for their flag football games, over a period of more than four years, during which Leinart’s group made over $400,000 in registration fees!  The League used the non-profit status of the Leinart Foundation to get the discounted rates, even though they absolutely KNEW that the League was NOT run by that non-profit foundation.    Apparently, they felt that the only way to assure control of the park fields was to pull off this scam, because the parks were giving preference to charities when accepting reservations of their space.  So not only did they blatantly lie and mislead the parks in order to get the rates REDUCED BY SEVENTY PERCENT(!!), but they also were in essence blocking REAL charities from using the parks instead.

Pure SCUM.  Making an illegal profit AND screwing over needy kids, all by FAKING that they were a charity themselves.  Vintage Leinart Family.  If you recall, Continue Reading »


spr15fb - 77bbWith “Antman” still #1 at the box office (barely beating “Pixels,” which appears to be a ripoff of a “Futurama” episode), I thought it would be a good time to release some more photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad — heroines whom you wouldn’t mind if they invaded your space at a picnic

Adam Sandler went on a late night talk show last week to promote his “brand new” movie “Pixels,” which is about Earth being attacked by 1980’s video game characters like Donkey Kong.  Sandler was raving about what a great idea for a movie this was, and that he was stunned that it had never been done before.  What the man behind hilarious SNL characters like Cajun Man and Opera Man, and lowbrow comedies like The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, Grown Ups, Little Nicky and dozens more might or might not know, the concept behind Pixels HAS been done before, complete with Donkey Kong attacking the planet.  Not only is there THAT striking similarity, but also, in this classic episode of Matt Groening’s Futurama, the fate of the World is placed in the hands of a nerd who happens to be a video game junkie.  Sound familiar?

The blatant lack of originality is not the only reason this $88 million dollar pic made only about $26 million on its opening weekend.  The low take can also be explained by Sandler’s waning popularity, and on the critics trashing the film, and on a backlash due to the film’s purported poor treatment of the female gender.  I will say one thing in Sandler’s defense — He is reputed to be a super nice, and GENEROUS producer and human being, often giving extravagant gifts Continue Reading »


Home Run Trout — Mike Trout becomes first-ever to be All-Star MVP twice in a row, as his lead-off Home Run (the first in 38 years) and scoring of the go-ahead run in the 5th inning lead the AL to their third straight victory, 6-3

KISS it Goodbye.  It must be in the Genes…  Now Mike Trout can Rock and Roll All Night, and Party Every Day.

The reigning 2014 AL MVP and reigning 2014 All-Star MVP is now the reigning 2015 All-Star MVP, as the Angels’ Mike Trout has once again proven himself to be the best Baseball Player in the World.  It was a pretty successful night for the Los Angeles Angels, ALL at the expense of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Avenging the results of the Home Run Derby semifinals the night before (when Dodger Joc Pederson eliminated Angel Albert Pujols by just 1 Tater), the first 3 runs of the game for the AL were ALL scored by Angels, and they all came against Dodger Pitchers.

Trout’s lead-off, opposite field Home Run, which barely cleared Cincinnati’s short fence in right field, was an early spoiler for NL Starter Zach Greinke of the Dodgers.  Greinke came in on fire lately, having the 4th-lowest ERA of anyone coming into an All-Star game, but he was rudely awakened on his 4th toss, by Trout’s line drive HR.  The NL tied it up soon thereafter, but in the 5th, against late addition to the roster Dodger Clayton Kershaw, the AL struck two more times.  With Trout on second base (he got on base via a fielder’s choice), and with Pujols on first via a Walk, Kershaw gave up the lead run on a Single, as Trout used his vaunted speed to beat the throw of Dodger Pederson.  Kershaw then gave up another run when Pujols was Doubled in.  Kershaw must have thought it was October instead of July.

It wasn’t just Los Angeles Angels succeeding on Tuesday night — the two players from the University of California Los Angeles also came through… Continue Reading »


Another Blue and Gold Champion — American Pharoah becomes the first horse in 37 years to win the Triple Crown, and of course, his jockey was wearing BLUE and GOLD silks!


A “Pharoah” even Woody Allen could like.

Thoroughbred race horse American Pharoah has just become the 12th-ever winner of the prestigious Triple Crown, by going wire-to-wire in the Belmont Stakes.  Pharoah (spelled wrong when registered so this is not a typo) made it look easy, justifying his 3-to-5 odds as he pulled away to win easily.

Since Affirmed won the last Triple Crown in 1978, 13 other horses have entered the Belmont having won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, with a chance to wear the Triple Crown, but none of them could complete the brutal task. Continue Reading »


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Diamonds are a Bruin’s Best Friend — With UCLA the #1 Seed in the Baseball Playoffs, and making the Softball World Series as well, it’s time to celebrate some of the remarkable catches that comprise the UCLA Spirit Squad

It’s Postseason time for College Baseball and Softball, and UCLA is alive and well in both.  The men just completed their Pac-12 season with unprecedented success, enough to warrant the #1 overall seed for the Playoffs.  They will be hosting a Super Regional tournament starting on Friday, and I encourage you all to attend and support your team.  Meanwhile, the Softball team just swept away Missouri to qualify for the World Series, and they start play tomorrow in Oklahoma.  You can watch on ESPN2 at 6:30pm.

Now to get in the Bruin spirit, here are 27 more shots of the UCLA Spirit Squad, Continue Reading »


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Tender Skittles — Dynastic UCLA Dance Team and Cheer Squad return 17 kickass girls, and replace 5 departees with 6 new spirited beauties

Well, it appears that the UCLA Spirit Squad Selection Committee operates just fine without me.  For the last two years, I was honored to be a member of the Judges’ Panel for the prestigious UCLA Cheerleader Auditions, and was thoroughly proud of the results that we brought forth.  Unfortunately, this year I was not part of the process, but that didn’t hinder the Committee from hitting another home run with their selections.

I was in attendance for both the Cheer and Dance sessions, and I can assure you that the process has yielded the finest, smartest, prettiest, most talented groups of student-cheerleaders as you will find anywhere in the Nation.  All 17 veterans who tried out deservedly survived the day, and the 6 new additions definitely passed the eye test as well.  There were plenty of excellent performers who didn’t quite make the cut — hopefully they will come back next year for another chance.

With 6 new girls, of course I fell in love 6 times — because they are now part of the iconic Bruin Spirit Squad — including 1 with whom it was love at first site, and I am SO glad she made it onto the team.  Don’t ask me which one, because I will never tell.  You’ll just have to wonder as you view the pics.  But they are all super-hot, so it really could have been any of them.  I’m sure each one of you will have a different new favorite.

Speaking of favorites, my all-time favorite Cheerleader Katie Continue Reading »


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Whole Lotta Rosen — Everything’s coming up Rosen at UCLA, as True Freshman Phenom QB Josh Rosen makes a successful Rose(n) Bowl debut in UCLA’s Spring Showcase

Saturday morning marked the first day of the Post-Hundley Era for UCLA Football, and it just may be a smooth transition to another era marked by a Superstar signal caller.  True Freshman Quarterback Josh Rosen impressed Coaches and fans alike, with his talent, and poise uncommon for a newbie.

Rosen was actually the third Quarterback to take the reins of the Bruin Offense on Saturday, AFTER Jerry Neuheisel and Asiantii Woulard, but Rosen is the one getting all the buzz.  Neuheisel looked just fine in his time, and Woulard looked sharp as well, much improved from earlier reports.  But when Rosen took over, the Offense seemed to be more crisp, with Rosen showing uncanny composure and knowledge of the Offense.  His calm confidence bodes well for his potential leadership role on this team.

It seemed like Woulard has grasped the Offensive schemes as well, Continue Reading »


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Don’t Fear the Reapers — It’s not too late to make a donation to Swim With Mike — Tragically-injured young athletes deserve to be REAPING the benefits of Bruins and Trojans (and everyone else) coming together for a good cause

The big event was last Saturday, but the great need continues, so please go to and consider donating to help supply scholarships for deserving victims of severe accidents and other catastrophic situations.  In order to inspire you, here are 40 more photos of the USC Song Girls in action, all to Continue Reading »

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