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The Nude Bomb — Ex-trojan hero, NFL bust, and Chronic offender Todd Marinovich gets busted yet again, this time for being NAKED, with pot, in someone else’s backyard

[UPDATE:  It is now being reported that they found METH on him too!]

All that talent.  All that money.  Pissed away by a total loser trojan.  Once again, former trojan QB Todd Marinovich has been taken away in handcuffs.  Last night in Irvine, Police responded to a call about a man wandering naked on a path.  Upon arrival, they found the u$c star buck naked, with weed and drug paraphernalia, in someone else’s backyard.

As I have said many times here over the last dozen years, POT is no big deal, and I don’t think it should even BE a crime.  BUT… Pot doesn’t make you get naked and wander around Orange County.  It is reasonable to assume that another substance was involved in this incident, be it PCP, LSD, or Todd’s old friend, Heroin.  And abuse of heroin does NOT get a free pass from me.


Some people are complaining that drug addiction is a serious disease and shouldn’t be made light of.  Ordinarily I might agree.  However, when the person was a jerk to begin with, and throws away all the advantages of wealth and power to waste his life getting stoned, then the downfall could be considered JUSTICE.  I am a big fan of karma, and it looks like Continue Reading »


How Sweet the Sound — Former trojan Defensive Back Taylor Mays gets released by the Bengals due to his impending SECOND suspension for violating the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy

Another NON-shocker:  Another Pete Carroll trojan is busted for illegal drugs.  Coincidence this is NOT.  A blatant pattern of drug abuse and performance-enhancment has been clearly established, yet some trojans are still in full denial.  The before-and-after photos of Brian Cushing were not enough to convince them.  Dr. Ting’s shameful legacy was not enough to convince them.  Even Carroll’s continued steroid scandals — as his Seahawks led the NFL in steroid suspensions — was still not enough to convince them that the trojans’ so-called glory years (which led to sanctions and the vacating of wins) was fueled by steroid abuse.

Everyone whose ego isn’t wrapped up in the ugly, crime-infested confines of Figueroa Tech knows the truth — That Carroll’s CULTURE of Cheating and Win-at-all-costs attitude has bred this contempt for the rules by his players.  If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.  That’s the mantra that trojans carry right into Professional Sports.  And now for the latest perp, Taylor Mays, the “cost” is about to get expensive.  SC may think they own the LAPD, but they don’t own the NFL.

Mays was recently suspended Continue Reading »


More proof that trojans wish they were Bruins:  u$c Cornerback Isaiah Langley gets suspended for 1 game for getting arrested at a UCLA frat party, for suspicion of intoxication, resisting arrest, and trespassing — for refusing to leave!

UCLA is the most applied-to school in the World.  It’s hard to get in, and thousands of people get turned away every year.  And of those thousands, lots of them end up SETTLING for u$c, but wishing they could have been Bruins.  And never before has there been such a perfect illustration of that fact:  This May, a player from the trojan football team named Isaiah Langley got busted — at a UCLA Fraternity party — because he couldn’t stand leaving the beautiful Westwood environment.  Too bad there’s not an audio tape of the arrest, where we might have heard him begging the cops:  “Please don’t send me back to South Central!”

Langley was arrested at the party, for suspicion of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Apparently, he gave the arresting officers a false age, then resisted arrest, and refused to leave the party (hence, the Trespassing charge).  Sounds like just another arrogant, entitled trojan who thinks the laws don’t apply to him, and that sc owns the Police.

Langley has now been suspended for only ONE GAME, for “violating team rules.” Unfortunately Continue Reading »

Re-FUSE to Lose

The Young and The Brainless — The Clown Prince of Stupidity Nick Young does it again, this time picking up a firework with A LIT FUSE, and holding it in his hands as it explodes, nearly blinding, maiming, and/or killing the ex-trojan

They say you don’t have to be old to be wise, but apparently, you can’t be Young.

Everyone over the age of five knows that there are certain things that you just don’t do — certain things that are just SO stupid that you would never even THINK of doing them — because they could easily be fatal.  Near the top of this list are:  Staring down the barrel of a gun, sticking a fork in a toaster, and holding a lit firework.  But that last one is exactly what ex-trojan Basketball player Nick Young did yesterday while celebrating the 4th of July.

In case you think I am making this up or exaggerating, the VIDEO of this incident is all over the internet for your enjoyment.  After the fuse of this explosive is already lit and burning down, brain surgeon Nick Young & Dumb picks it up and holds it, while it goes off in his hands.  It is a miracle that he was not injured or killed, and therefore not eligible for the 2016 Darwin Award, which goes to idiots who kill themselves by doing something overwhelmingly stupid.

This was not an isolated incident for this apparently braindead ex-trojan, who apparently did not embrace education as a “student” at u$c.  Maybe they should have enrolled him in a class that teaches basic survival skills — Skills like not jumping into the Lion’s habitat at the zoo, or running across the 405.  Young has already cemented himself into the Hall of Shame of Stupidity, by getting in trouble for lewd behavior and Continue Reading »


The dreck is in the Mayo — Ex-trojan O.J. Mayo is suspended from the NBA for two years, after he violates the League’s Substance Abuse Policy, again

MAYO THE HORSE BE WITH YOU.  Well, we don’t know if he was using horse (i.e. heroin), cocaine, PCP, LSD, or amphetamines, but ex-trojan screw-up O.J. Mayo was kicked out of Basketball yesterday for at least TWO YEARS, for testing positive for one of those banned substances.  Specifically what THE HECK IS IN THE MAYO is anyone’s guess, but it wasn’t Miracle Whip.

This latest cheating incident is not Mayo’s first:  Five years ago, he was suspended by the NBA for taking STEROIDS.  Nothing new for a trojan, who went to “school” for a year at the institution infamous for juiced-up athletes.  Also while at that so-called school known as Southern Cal, Mayo was embroiled in a SCandal where it was uncovered that Mayo was “illegally” paid to play for u$c, with envelopes stuffed with cash.  SC endured sanctions after these charges were found to be completely credible.  And before that, Mayo was implicated in a marijuana investigation, Continue Reading »



Gender Mercies — A regular reader of this site requests YOUR comments on: Adding a MALE to the UCLA Dance Team

Hi everyone.  Yesterday, I received an email from a longtime reader, who is about to be entering UCLA as a new student.  He would like to hear your opinions of a MALE joining the legendary UCLA Dance Team, which, to this point, has always been exclusively female.

The Spirit Squad is made up of FOUR units:  The Dance Team, The Cheer Squad, The Yell Crew, and The Mascots.  Males have always, for as long as I can remember, been a huge part of the last three of those units.  Personally, I would like to keep the Dance Team exclusively female.  I detailed my feeling about this in my article after the Auditions this May, because there was a Male trying out for Dance.  Here is a link to that article: .

Again, I apologize for my strongly-worded opinion.  I don’t want to appear sexist, old-fashioned, or inconsiderate of anyone’s rights to pursue their dreams — But I have to be honest with you and share my real feelings, as outdated or out-of-touch as they may be.

Anyway, this kind, polite reader asked me to elicit YOUR opinions on this issue.  Please be nice in your responses — for all I know, this reader IS the young man who auditioned for the team.

Thanks.  Now just to get this article more exposure, here are the last 50 photos Continue Reading »


Love Reigns Supreme — Bruin Kevin Love is a World Champion tonight, after his 14 Rebounds and his Defensive Stop on MVP Steph Curry in the final minute of Game 7 save a 93-89 victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers

They say Love is blind, but tonight, Love is bling, as former UCLA Star Kevin Love earned an NBA Championship Ring with his stellar performance in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  Love pulled down a remarkable 14 Boards, including 7 in just the First Quarter alone, as the VISITING Cavaliers set the physical tone for the evening.  Love also added 9 Points and 3 Assists, but after being maligned as a poor defender on the Bruin Zone Message Board this week, it is ironic and satisfactorily fitting that it was a Defensive play that made Love one of the Clevland heroes.

While it is understandable how LeBron James won the Finals MVP Award, what with his superlative Games 5 and 6 (41 Points in each) and his Triple-Double in Game 7 (only the third one ever in a Finals Game 7 joining Laker Greats Jerry West and Big Game James Worthy), LBJ was not exactly super-clutch in this game.  He missed 3 shots in the final 4:13 of the 4th quarter, added an unforced Turnover, and then bricked a Free Throw with 10 seconds left that could have iced the game.  He rattled in the next Free Throw which saved him from being the potential goat, but he was hardly the CLOSER that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant proved to be time after time.

It was actually Love and Kyrie Irving who made the crucial plays at the end to clinch the Title.  With the score tied in the final minute, Continue Reading »


Haden Out to the Highway (Robbery)– The Los Angeles Times has just exposed trojan-for-life Pat Haden, for ripping off a charity and funneling millions of dollars to himself, his relatives, and his alma mater Southern Cal

On June 30th, Pat Haden will step down as u$c’s Athletic Director… and not a moment too soon.  With a new story just released in the L.A. Times accusing him of the de facto embezzlement of millions, he probably would have been fired in disgrace if he wasn’t already “retiring” from his position.

For all the gory details about how Haden and two of his family members duped this worthy scholarship charity out of so much money, I suggest you go read the original exposé in The Times.  But basically, the Haden clan took HUGE salaries for hardly any work at all.  They got paid WAY more than other similar charity employees/directors.  Experts say that the Hadens’ ultra-lucrative compensation was UNHEARD OF in the Charity community.

Not only did the Hadens POCKET ridiculous amounts for themselves, but they also steered most of the actual scholarships to u$C, at the expense of every other worthy school.  u$c says that Haden “recused himself” when SC was involved as a potential recipient, but a follow-up investigation uncovered multiple examples of paperwork that implies that Haden was personally involved in directing the funds to his precious school — and his own Athletic Department.

For years and years, people have been singing the praises of Pat Haden, and his squeaky-clean lawyer image, especailly when he was tabbed to clean up the sanctioned mess left behind by arrogant sleazeball trojan Mike Garrett.  I’ve been insisting the whole time that it was simply a well-managed facade, and that  Continue Reading »


Philly (mi)stake — Ex-Trojan may not have been a gentleman in the gentleman’s club, as a Philadelphia Pole Dancer accuses the Eagles’ Nelson Agholor of Rape

It’s only June, so despite ESPN rolling them out already, it’s WAY too early to discuss preseason Football polls. Meanwhile, ex-trojan Nelson Agholor MAY have whipped out HIS pole prematurely as well, as a 27-year old Exotic Dancer from the Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in South Philly has accused the current Philadelphia Eagle Wide Receiver of sexual assault. Of course, Rape and Sexual Assault cover a wide array of acts, so the only pole involved may have been the brass one she was dancing on.

Speaking of that wide array, the recently infamous “Stanford Rapist” Brock Turner may soon have company in the headlines from Agholor, but not in his cell, as Turner’s ridiculously lenient 3-month incarceration (for his “20 minutes of action”) will be over before Agholor could be convicted and sentenced to join him. Let’s hope that IF (and ONLY if) Nelson is guilty, he gets a much more JUST punishment.

But Agholor — or “Shagholor,” as he may now be called by the tabloids — might never even be charged with a crime. Exotic Dancers are not usually afforded a lot of credence in cases like this. The high-powered lawyers and reps of the NFL and rookie bust Agholor are already claiming that this is nothing more than a set-up, and that Continue Reading »


aud16_341bHappy Memorial Day to the UCLA Spirit Squad and all of their supporters

The students who are members of the UCLA Spirit Squad dedicate an extraordinary amount of time and effort, to make their troop the Country’s ELITE.  They invest all their blood, sweat, and tears to perfect their routines, and their looks, and they still ace all their difficult classes, and fulfill their obligations as ambassadors to the world for our beloved University.

And they do all this while simultaneously ENDURING all the overzealous fans, abusive opposing crowds, invasive photographers, and disgusting and vicious internet trolls.  That’s why I really see them all as “troopers” — Not to take anything away from our Country’s men and women in uniform — Continue Reading »


Ex-trojan Bryce Dejean-Jones dies tragically, when he mistakenly goes to the incorrect story of his estranged girlfriend’s apartment complex, and kicks down the door of the unit directly under hers, where the occupant legally shoots and kills him

This a a dark day for the Dark Side.  There is tragedy in Troy, as 23-year old former usc Basketball player Bryce Dejean-Jones was lamentably gunned down in Dallas yesterday.  It is important for you to understand that I do NOT take any joy in the DEATH of a young man, even if he did at one time wear the cardinal and gold.  It is a mournful situation, and I do NOT mean to make light of the passing of this human being.

That being said…

The circumstances of his untimely demise will certainly make him a finalist for the 2016 Darwin Awards, which shine a light on people who make stupid decisions/mistakes that become fatal.  The Darwin website will possibly refer to this event as a “chlorination of the Dejean Pool” (even though it is pronounced “Dijon”), because Dejean-Jones was breaking into the wrong unit of the apartment complex.  Apparently, this was the first time that he had come to this Dallas location to visit his daughter, who lives with Bryce’s Baby Mama.  It was her first birthday yesterday, which is why Bryce was there.  But after a heated exchange with the woman, he left the complex.  He soon came back, but instead of going to the fourth floor where she lived, he accidentally went to the third story, and started to knock on the door of the unit directly beneath her apartment.

When no one answered, Continue Reading »



All That — No need to Canonize the photographer, because it doesn’t take any Talent to make these girls look stunning

Nick Cannon is an eminently successful producer, recording artist, actor, and host — of a host of shows including “America’s Got Talent” and “Caught On Camera with Nick Cannon.”  He is also well known in pop culture for marrying pop icon Mariah Carey.  Sadly, for their twins and themselves, the pair divorced last year, but Nick still thrives in the business, hosting TV shows as well as  maintaining gigs with Nickelodeon and Radio Shack.

Cannon makes it clear that he still loves his ex-wife, and why wouldn’t he?  I’ve never met HIM, but I HAVE met and worked with Mariah, on the TV show “Ally McBeal,” and she was sweet, pleasant, and tried her best to be a professional actress.  She was beautiful up close in person, and I am guessing that Nick cherishes the six years they were married, as well as the kids they had together.

So what does all this have to do with UCLA, or the Spirit Squad Auditions?  Well… absolutely nothing.  Except that Continue Reading »

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