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All That — No need to Canonize the photographer, because it doesn’t take any Talent to make these girls look stunning

Nick Cannon is an eminently successful producer, recording artist, actor, and host — of a host of shows including “America’s Got Talent” and “Caught On Camera with Nick Cannon.”  He is also well known in pop culture for marrying pop icon Mariah Carey.  Sadly, for their twins and themselves, the pair divorced last year, but Nick still thrives in the business, hosting TV shows as well as  maintaining gigs with Nickelodeon and Radio Shack.

Cannon makes it clear that he still loves his ex-wife, and why wouldn’t he?  I’ve never met HIM, but I HAVE met and worked with Mariah, on the TV show “Ally McBeal,” and she was sweet, pleasant, and tried her best to be a professional actress.  She was beautiful up close in person, and I am guessing that Nick cherishes the six years they were married, as well as the kids they had together.

So what does all this have to do with UCLA, or the Spirit Squad Auditions?  Well… absolutely nothing.  Except that Continue Reading »



So acute — Even if the voting didn’t go as expected, you still gotta love all the girls who tried (out) with all their heart at the UCLA Spirit Squad Auditions — and looking at the survivors, we are not at all obtuse like the cable TV “Settlers” from the DirecTV commercials

There are three sides to every triangle, and there are two sides to my reaction to the UCLA Cheerleader Try-outs:  Sure I’m disappointed that not all my favorites made it, BUT, I am very happy for the ones who did.  As usual, we will have the best collection of beauty and talent that you could possibly hope for, and they will undoubtedly outshine all the other squads in the Nation.

When you love two people, it can be a love triangle.  So what we are going to have here is a couple of  Love Dodecahedrons?  That’s 24 sides, and this year, there are 23 Cheerleaders for you to adore.

Below are another 73 photos from this year’s auditions, Continue Reading »



Superhero vs. Superhero — As Marvel’s latest comic book movie dominates the box office, it’s time to marvel at some more heroines with the superpower of being world-class knockouts who will be Captains of American Industry in the years to come, as they competed against one another, for slots on the UCLA Spirit Squad

So… I went to a private Industry screening of Captain America – Civil War on Saturday night, but the sound went out 30 minutes into it, and the screening was cancelled.  So I can’t vouch for the whole movie, but the start was good.  And most of my friends who’ve seen the whole thing are giving it good reviews.  That fact, plus Marvel’s track record, make it a pretty safe bet.  If you prefer a thriller with a surprising amount of humor, I can definitely recommend “Money Monster,” which is Jodie Foster’s well-directed hostage film starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts.  And if you want straight comedy on the silly side, and if you like Key & Peele and kitty cats, go see Keanu, which is chock full of chuckles.

If you prefer to watch a Blu-Ray, try “Deadpool,” which was released recently, and is Marvel’s funniest and raunchiest superhero movie to date.  But if you want to just sit where you are and admire beautiful, intelligent, and talented UCLA students who tried out for the UCLA Cheer Squad on Mothers Day, you are in luck.

Here are 60 more photos from that event… Continue Reading »


I’m Lovin’ It… because he didn’t kill anyone — Former u$c Football player T.J. McDonald is arrested for Driving Under the Influence, of something other than alcohol

How long has it been since a trojan has made the Police Blotter?  Not that long, actually.  Not exactly a “drought.”  It was just a few weeks ago that Bryce Dixon got sentenced to 6 years in prison for Carjacking and Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and now, T.J. McDonald gets into the act, with a DUI — an old classic, with a twist.

It wasn’t alcohol that caused T.J. to lose control of his vehicle and allegedly crash into a parked car.  According to reports, it wasn’t the wacky weed either.  It must have been some other drug, like a prescription medication.  So this case may be just beginning.

T.J. is a second-generation trojan, following in the clown-shoe steps of his father Tim McDonald.  So deciding this week to drive a car while intoxicated was not his first bad decision, but it may be the one with the most impactful ramifications.  And I DO mean RAM-ifications.  McDonald is a current member of the LOS ANGELES Rams, so if he is taking, or overdosing, some kind of banned substance or performance-enhancer, he could be facing a suspension from the team, or from the NFL.

The team has so far refused to comment on the situation.  Of course, the Rams are coached by another ex-trojan, Jeff Fisher.  Fisher has never won Continue Reading »



Who’ll Stop the Pain? — For the first time ever, the audition results explode my heart like a Barstow meth lab, as FOUR girls I know and love are edged out by an infusion of new talent

Wow.  Just… wow.  I never in a million years ever thought that the UCLA Spirit Squad Auditions would cause me more emotional pain than a 50-0 loss to u$c.  I’ve been attending this annual event for about a decade, and everyone I’ve ever been “friends” with from the squad who attempted to return for another year has been retained.  Until now.  And I can’t deal with the pain.

This turn of events really changes my outlook on this whole process.  I always just assumed that the people I know who have already proven worthy would be “automatically” renewed.  Now, I will be nervous as hell along with the participants, practically PRAYING for the outcome I want.  I feel HORRIBLE for these girls.  I hope they are dealing with it better than I am.  I will really miss them.  I am not going to mention their names, because I don’t think that would be appropriate at this time.  But I will say there were two from the Cheer Squad, one from the Dance Team, and one girl who I had met at the tryouts, and online, who wasn’t on the team last year, but she made the Finals this year, and she is so nice, and I was pulling for her too.

Of these four fallen angels, there is one that I will miss the most.  Again, I’m not going to mention any names, but she came up to me out of the blue last year at a Football game, told me that she (and her teammates) LOVE my photos and sincerely appreciate my support.  That unsolicited comment made me happy for weeks.  She was (is) so sweet, and, imo, one of the cutest, most beautiful girls the squad has ever had.  I simply cannot believe that she will not be returning.  I’m not calling for a recount or anything — Continue Reading »


“Reble” without a clue — Just when you thought ex-trojan Nick Young couldn’t be any stupider, he tries to get a giant back tattoo that reads “BORN REBLE”

When a Rap Star has to correct your spelling, you know you’re a trojan.

Current Los Angeles Laker and former trojan Nick Young has been a laughingstock of Pop Culture for a few months, after two humiliating recent incidents — not to mention his horrid play on the court that helped sink the Lakers to their worst season ever.  But apparently, getting caught making disgusting sexual gestures at a woman and her mother at a Hollywood intersection, and getting outed for basically saying he wanted to cheat on his fiancé, was just not enough for him.

This week, he decided to get a tattoo covering his entire upper back, with the words “BORN REBEL.”  Unfortunately for Nick, he attended u$c, where knowing how to write or spell is purely optional.  Thus, when he instructed the tattoo artist what to ink, the word rebel was outlined as “REBLE.”

This incident marks the third time a trojan (or wannabe-trojan) athlete has been caught making a big typo in Life — Once a trojan had his mother’s name spelled wrong (“Mable” instead of “Mabel”) in a tattoo, and another time, a trojan recruit was excited about becoming a “trogan,” as he wrote on social media.

Luckily for the apparently semi-literate Young, his fiancé — Rap Star Iggy Azalea — walked in on him before the tattoo was actually Continue Reading »




Did I stammer? — Bruins hear a clamor as they hammer home the message at the UCLA Football Spring Showcase that they will BUST OUT this season — something that ex-trojan Bryce Dixon would love to do, since he just got sentenced to 6 years in prison for Carjacking and Assault with a Deadly Weapon

It was NO CONTEST.  The UCLA Football Spring Showcase was NOT a scrimmage.  Score was NOT kept.  It was no contest.  Coincidentally, “no contest” was the plea that former trojan Tight End Bryce Dixon took, in order to attain a plea bargain for only 6 years in jail instead of 15, which is the usual max for the crimes he “allegedly” committed.

Dixon is doing a half-dozen years in the penal system in relation to carjacking, and assault with a deadly weapon, as he and his accomplice accosted innocent motorists with a knife, demanding money, and at least once, the vehicle too.

UCLA has had a few lawbreakers too, but when it comes to the total amount of criminals compared to u$c, it is NO CONTEST.  Also no contest is the fact that UCLA Football will be improved this coming season.  Going more for a Power attack as opposed to a Spread design, it looks like the new strategy will be beneficial for Quarterback Josh Rosen.

Rosen looked confident and comfortable during this Continue Reading »



Equality?  Sure.  But UCLA — and the Bruin Spirit Squad — have no equals

Last Saturday’s Bruin Day was a great opportunity to remember why we all have Bruin Pride.  All the majors and scholastic disciplines, all the campus organizations, and all the diverse groups — from the LGBT booth, to the Muslim Students booth, to the Spirit Squad area — were represented, and showed why UCLA is such an inclusive, exclusive, horizon-expanding World.

It was fun to see so many incoming (soon-to-be) Freshmen, some with their supportive parents, in a state of overwhelmment at all the different options and avenues about to be at their fingertips. But what was even more fun Continue Reading »



“Incoming!!” — Saturday was “Bruin Day” at UCLA, an event where incoming Freshmen get to see what this World Class University has to offer, including departments/majors, resources, sports, clubs, entertainment, activism, and best of all, the Spirit Squad

A college the size of UCLA can be intimidating.  For a 17-year old just finishing high school, the massiveness of UCLA can be overwhelming.  So as part of a necessary orientation, UCLA now puts on “Bruin Day,” where these soon-to-be Bruins can get a taste of the campus, and sample some of the opportunities that will be available to them next Fall.

All the different departments, scholastic groups, ethnic groups — even the UCPD and Powell Library — have booths, so that the new students can learn anything they want to know about what’s in store for them.  There was even a booth for “Gamers” — a social group for students who like video games, fantasy games, role-playing games, etc.  Many of these groups were actively “recruiting” new members.  The UCLA Spirit Squad also had a set-up, but Continue Reading »


Exit Stratosphere — Kobe Bryant’s last game ever is the best last hurrah of all time, as he scores SIXTY points and hits the game-winning shot in the Lakers’ victory over Utah

Truly an “Exit: Stage Right Stuff.”  The people who paid thousands of dollars to see Kobe Bryant’s last game actually got their money’s worth.  At Staples Center on  Wednesday night, the Black Mamba did not disappoint, although at first it really looked like he was going to.  Kobe missed his first five shots, and the Lakers played atrociously, failing to score for about the first 5 minutes.  Then Kobe made a couple of good defensive plays, and it finally got him over his last-game jitters.

Settling down quickly, Kobe ended the first quarter with 15 points.  Phophetically, I announced:  “He’s on pace to score 60!”  And that’s exactly what he did.  In the fourth quarter, with the Lakers trailing Utah, Kobe really turned it up a notch.  He scored 23 in the final stanza, including 15 straight Laker points, and 15 of their last 17.  The Lakers were down by 9 with under 4 minutes to go, but the best closer in Basketball History proceeded to cement that exact legacy.  He brought them all the way back — against a team that beat them all 3 times this season by an average of 29 points (and 1 time by 50), including a lead-taking jumper with 31 seconds left.  His two free throws iced it, giving him a remarkable 60 points for the night — the highest output for ANYONE this entire season.

The unforgettable finale caps a career that brought immense joy to Laker fans, and to basketball fans around the globe.  Kobe played for ONLY the Lakers, for TWENTY years.  He was the MVP, the Finals MVP, an 18-time all-star, and a 5-Time NBA Champion.  He also scored 81 in a game (2nd most of all time to Wilt Chamberlain’s 100), and 50 in 4 straight games.

And I won’t argue that he was the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time), because Continue Reading »



Lighten up, FRANCiS — While worthy cause Swim with Mike made over $1,000,000 this year, smash hit movie “Deadpool” has made over $750,000,000; So next time your soul feels dirty, don’t reach for Ajax, reach for your keyboard, go to, and help physically disadvantaged athletes become Marvel-ous Super Heroes

The Green Lantern was my favorite comic book hero when I was a kid .  But when Ryan Reynolds starred in the role in the movie, it was NOT a hit, with me or with the public.  It looked like Reynolds’ days as a cinematic super hero were over.  Fast-forward to 2016, and those days are back, and this time, it works.  “Deadpool” is the raunchiest popular comic book movie of all time, and despite some hard-to-believe plot points, the film is thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining (and NOT for little kids).  It is by far the funniest flick of the genre, and Reynolds’ delivery and timing are a big part of that success.

Ben Affleck also takes a giant step forward this year, going from his “Daredevil” role to that of Batman.  He’s not bad at all as the Caped Crusader in “Batman vs. Superman,” which, like “Deadpool,” made a king’s ransom at the box office.  Not everybody loved this DARK, sometimes uncomfortable-to-watch film, but just about everyone Continue Reading »



Geronimo-ney! —Swim with Mike 2016 at USC raises over a million dollars for physically-challenged athletes, thanks in part to the bighearted USC Song Girls, who dived into the pool for this praiseworthy charity


Welcome to the annual bury-the-rivalry-hatchet week, as I put aside my allegiances to praise the efforts of the Swim with Mike charity, and all the people at USC who contributed to putting on this fundraiser and making it a raging, 7-figure success.  It’s easy to temporarily suspend my die-hard loyalties when it involves all the lovely Trojan cheerleaders, who, as always, were real troopers, donning bikinis in front of a big crowd of people and photographers, and jumping in the pool for an innertube relay race, in which they partner up with Trojan football players.

There was another reason to throw my full support behind this worthy cause this year:  Former UCLA Bruin Football player Nick Ekbatani — who underwent a leg amputation after a horrible motorcycle accident — is one of the recipients of the Swim with Mike scholarship funding.  Nick attended USC grad school, with the help of this charity.  After his unbearable ordeal, Nick has found inspiration, and now is a motivational speaker, in order to share his overwhelmingly positive attitude and perspective on life.  The Swim with Mike charity was instrumental in Nick’s development into the admirable human being he is today.

Although this event takes place at USC and has thoroughly Trojan roots (“Mike” was a Trojan), the cause helps athletes who have attended over 50 other schools as well, including UCLA.  BUT… even if it were all for USC, this would STILL be a worthy cause, and I would still support it.  I recommend that you support it too.  And just because the event took place on Saturday, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a donation today.  Please go to and look into how you can help.  After viewing these 67 photos below, you may suddenly find yourself feeling charitable.

So without further ado, here are some more photos from the event, Continue Reading »

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